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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by metimmee, May 3, 2008.

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  1. Looks like I may be posted to Yeovilton in the summer. Anybody got any advice on what FQ to apply for? Any idea of availability etc, waiting list length for the better quarters?

  2. no help for you regards married quarters/ but take it easy on the scrumpy :thumright: :angel4:
  3. Posted? Are we not Drafted anymore? Does Yeovilton not have a Married Quarters Officer, whom if asked could give up to date information?

    I cannot answer your question, therefore i have ripped this reply up and thrown it into the Waste Paper Basket.

    Hope this meets with your approval.
  4. Of course I will give DE a call, I was just looking for experiences from those in the area that might have an opinion.
  5. leave the missus to sort out the moving in /you go down to the bull/or dolphin/in Illchester and settle down to some scrumpy/tops :thumright: and when your sober the next day /both visit ST barts :angel4:
  6. No probs with MQs at Heron. Allocated mine on Taranto Hill within two weeks of joining.
    Mind you, had just done 18 months unaccompanied Windies.
    Second round, again allocated within two weeks, this time Wessex Road, I had just finished a 2 year GSC, including 12 months FES.
    But then I was gens. The wafoos had a much harder time!

    PS This was (1) 1961, and (2) 1973, so I guess it may be a bit different now. Hows about contacting the MQ people, they may well know what is the current situation.

  7. only place i got to go "round again" on an outmuster for being 5 minutes late after travelling up from sultan to hand the MQ back i hope the DHE guy i had is long gone was 5-6 years ago. as for the house's i'd say blackthorne close side is nicer. most of the houses are new and well built the older flats/masinoettes are OK too.
  8. youve either got the brand new houses but these are grade 1 or go over the road to the older MQ's which are closer to the Talltrees, the spar and lesser grade.

    personally i'd go for the older ones, Mrss SS would want a new version
  9. Spent 4 years in Wessex Road. Well within walking distance of Yeovil Town centre and far enough from the camp that you didn't hear the aircraft all the time.
  10. Thanks for all the replies guys. Looking forward to the move.
  11. I lived on Wessex Road, far away from the camp to feel you were getting away and close to town. I don't know what rank you are or how many kids, we were ratings with 1 child but the fact we had a dog got us a 3 bed house rather than the 2 bed flats there! I had a friend in the flats and they were not so good!
  12. Finally I have been allocated a quarter ...at Wessex road. I was at Yeovilton a couple of weeks ago and was impressed by the Ilchester patches but never had time to have a look at the Yeovil patch.

    If there anyone with recent experience of Wessex road could tell me a little about the local junior schools I'd appreciate it.
  13. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    S'where all the crack dens are... :twisted:
  14. Could anyone please tell me the locations of the patches around Yeovil and Ilchester? I plan on having a look around before I apply and would like to show my missus to be as well!

  15. Phone the Forces Quarters office at VL.

    I bet you a pound to a piece of shit if they will have all the answers your little heart desires.

    **** me - pick up a phone - talk to some one. Forums are not the answer to everything!!!

    Rant over.
  16. You mean DHE Warminster surely, there isnt such an office at Yeovilton.

    I can only speak for the Ilchester FQ and Wessex Road in Yeovil. In Ilchester, there are two main patches. Taranto Hill and Broadsword Park. The Broadsword park FQ are 3 or 4 bedroom. Internally the Toranto Hill FQ are laid out better with a dining room and a gate to the back garden. The Broadsword park FQs look great from the outside, individually styled (!) but internally lack adequate storage.

    Crazydave - PM me your email addy and I'll send you some photos.
  17. CrazyDave

    Get in touch with the HIVE. Not only can they provide info about the quarters, they can also help your partner with any questions she may have. Here's the link you need:


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