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RNAS Yeovilton Air Day 2012 - Saturday, 23 June 2012


War Hero
Like to go there, but will be at Waddington the week after, question of time and to a degree expense. I attend on average about 7/8 airshows per year, so do get to see the RN content quite a bit. The Black Cats will be at Waddington, so will be able to see them, missing out Fairford this year, last year was a disaster, too wet and windy and no shelter on that blasted place.


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IN PICTURES: Fleet Air Arm wows visitors at RNAS Yeovilton Air Day

Ministry of Defence said:
Impressive displays by some of the world's best military and civilian pilots drew thousands of spectators at the weekend to the Royal Naval Air Station (RNAS) Yeovilton International Air Day.



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Wonder if that was Herons first air display without a fixed wing FAA aircraft ??? PS we are excluding the stringbag , at this years show !!!!!


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"Handler" you should have come to YL. Several of your old mates were present. As usual the serving and retired Handlers took over the Nuffield Club.
PS still waiting for the pics you promised.


War Hero
My mukka Andy Vanes has the enviable job of being crew in the Swordfish. Lucky jammy barsteward!!!

NO I'm NOT jealous - much.


War Hero
Vansey at the rear!



War Hero
Yes Roofrat, as stated I would have loved to have been there, never actually stationed at Yeovilton either. I have visited the museum though. This saturday Lieutenants Fleming and Brannighan will be showing their Lynx's 2012 program at RAF Waddington,for those who didn't know, its the 11th year that the volunteers from 702 squad have been performing, at Yeovilton they look after the Navy's 42 airframes, soon to expect the new variant AW159 Lynx sometime in the autumn.


War Hero
I left the RN and FAA in 1985, my last airday at Yeovilton was 1984.
In 84 I vowed that I would never ever go to another airday or navyday and have kept the vow.
It isn't so much that I wouldn't enjoy the day, it's just getting in at the beginning and out at the end, traffic control carried out by modplods leaves too much to be desired
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