RNAS Yeovilton 2013

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Handler, May 30, 2013.

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  1. RNAS Yeovilton has been awarded a Bronze award for its airshow this year.
  2. Eh? It hasn't had it yet!
  3. I took two Gr7's and a team of crabs down there a few years back, crappest air show ever, it was In September so all the display teams had finished so they put on a display of model aircraft. FFing embarrassing!

    However 2 nights on the lash in VL was ok, one of the crabs caught a dose off a local and had to go home and tell his wife to be.
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  4. [​IMG] [h=3]29/05/2013[/h]Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton International Air Day has won a Bronze Award in the Tourism Experience of the Year category at the prestigious VisitEngland Awards for Excellence 2013 Ceremony.

  5. Two GR7s. Let me work this out........times 10 to the power 3..........that would be a team of 76 engineers then? :thumright:
  6. Anyone remember the halcyon days of 10 harriers bowing to the crowd line at the end of the flying display with about 20 assorted rotery at the back?

    Now they won't even allow the privately owned FR2 to take part as a civilian display, what a bloody shambles, if I wanted to see a funfair/rip off market I'd go to Blackpool.:angry5:
  7. Can black cat the above...lol FLEET AIR ARM DISPLAY - British Pathé Fairey Swordfish (pilot, Rear Admiral P. D. Gick; observer, Rear Admiral H. R.Janvrin; telegraphist/air gunner, Lt Cdr C. Topliss).
    Wasps of 829 Sqn (Lt Cdr K. Mitchell) and 771 Sqn (Lt Cdr J. R. J. Rutherford).
    12 Wessexes of 819 Sqn (Lt Cdr P. J. Lynn), 706 Sqn (Lt Cdr J. E. Kelly), 737 Sqn
    (Lt Cdr R. Leonard) and 829 Sqn.
    Gannets of 849 Sqn (Lt Cdr W. H. Barnard) and 831 Sqn (Lt Cdr J. G. Grindle).
    12 Hunters of 738 Sqn (Lt Cdr J. W. Beard) and 759 Sqn (LtCdrA. H. Milnes).
    12 Scimitars of 803 Sqn (Lt Cdr P. G. Newman) and 736 Sqn (Lt Cdr J. Worth).
    12 Sea Vixens of 899 Sqn (Cdr D. C. Matthews), 890 Sqn (Lt Cdr R. G. M.Campbell)
    and 766 Sqn (Lt Cdr G. P. Carne).
    12 Buccaneers of 800 Sqn (Lt Cdr J. C. Mather) and 809 Sqn (Lt Cdr J. F. H. C. De Winton)
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  8. 1 matelot ( multiskiled) I.e me

    A sgt and 4 SAC's

    so your correct I was worth 71
  9. Oh Scouse !! What memories you bring back !! I was there ( Royal Guard ) in 1964 ; we had to be billetted in old WW2 buildings ( broken windows, cobwebs .....bit like Culdrose really ) at Speckington Camp near 09 threshold .But , you naughty boy , you forgot to list the Hiller helos used at that time , and present on that day (watch the video again ; I often do ..sob !) .I remember being on "Heron Flight" and putting Hillers to bed by walking them into the hangar by shouldering the tail-booms !

    Quantum Materiae Materietur Marmota Monax , Si Marmota Monax Materiam Possit Materiari ??

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