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Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by Mrecho84, Mar 22, 2014.

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  1. Does anyone know if RNAS Prestwick has gym facilities and are they available to RFA personnel? To be honest I'm not sure how much is left after HMS Gannet shut down.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. There are no facilities available to as the Accom site was shut down years ago & the helicopter base is run by civvys, its only the aircrew that are military.
  3. Ok mate. Cheers.

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  4. Hi Forum members, just registered on the site today and came across this quote! My wife and I met in the PO,s mess there in 1977 having joined within 3 days of each other, we are still married with three grown up children and a recently arrived granddaughter. We went to Troon recently more by accident than plan and thought we would pop round to see the old Gannet, we were surprised to see the place all boarded up as we have seen the SAR on TV many times! further to that the hotel along the road and the Wheatsheaf in Monkton are both closed. I visited the site in 1991 as a contractor and new acccomodation had been built to the detriment of the old Nissen huts. When did it close?
  5. As a note, when there WAS a gym at Gannet the deck was bloody lethal. Any moisture and you went arse over tit!!!
  6. "The club" at the auchengate families accommodation was consistently awesome.
  7. Never thought the Wheatsheaf would close. Wasn't the hotel the Monkton Hotel??? Been many years since I was up that way. I was living in Killy, New Farm Loch estate - somewhat different!!!!!
  8. New Farm is a ghetto. I'm surprised you survived.
  9. Totally agree about the Dundonald Club. Many a great night night while living at Auchengate, that was back in the early 80's before the quarters were refurbished. I think there was about 10 - 12 quarters actually habitable, but it was still a better option than NFL.

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  10. Let's just say it was an experience. I suffered it twice. (Two tours on 819).

    On the plus side, it was always better than Onthank, if that's how you spell it!!! Now that was a ghetto, even had it's own slot on tv at one point.
  11. Mrecho, you are sadly being misinformed. There is a good well equipped gym at RNAS Prestwick and a look at the XOtem suggests that there are a number of ways in which you qualify to use it. Only snag will be getting the club swinger down from Fas to do the H&S induction. Suggest you give the Lwtr a call.



    until 2015 at least
  12. Thanks snlr.

    Should I speak to lwrt at fas or Prestwick?
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  13. Try PWK, you need to ask the operator for the ship's office
  14. Thanks for your help.

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