RNAS Hainault Farm

Near to where I live is an area called Fairlop Plain. It has recently been the subject of a winning bid to be developed as a country park by a fund set up by Boris Johnson.

Quite independently of this, however, is a campaign for an information centre to tell of the history of the area. At the forefront of this are two airfields - RAF Fairlop, used during WW2 and base for Typhoon fighter bombers, and RNAS Hainault Farm, from which biplanes were launched that protected London from Zeppelin attacks during WW1.

There are other notable historical items, but it is the need to tell local people what they have on their doorstep that has prompted myself and other local people to launch this campaign. Called the Fairlop Heritage Group, we intend to raise enough money (completely independently) to open a small visitor centre at the site of RAF Fairlop.

At the RAF chapel in The Strand, all the RAF aerodromes in the UK have their plaques on the wall of the chapel, except one, and you can guess which one it is.

Anyone interested can google FAIRLOP HERITAGE GROUP and get through to the website of David Martin, the real brains behind the whole thing.
Best of luck with your endeavours. People never appreciate what they have had,until its gone. Did Scouse and Chockhead serve there, that would be worth a blue plaque in its own right :wink:
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