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RNAS Culdrose and the Merlin EH101


Lantern Swinger
Heya, it's been a long time since last posted on RR having been kept bust with my Phase 2A training at HMS SUltan to become an AET.

I have recently recieved my draft and I will be heading to RNAS Culdrose in mid may to start my Phase 2B working on the Merlin.

There are only two instructors that I know of that have worked at Culdrose and only one who has worked on Merlin, therefore I am a little starved for information and would appreciate any input the members of RR might have.

Thank you!


War Hero
Try and get another draft nearer civilization its a long trek for weekend leave (unless your a surfer) :confused5: :angel9:


Lantern Swinger
As Coincidence would have it! I am a surfer. One of the reasons I chose Culdrose was because of how near to the beaches it was, especially Newquay!
I had no desire to go to RAF Wittering and RNAS Yeovilton is about the same distance from home (Plymouth).

Anyway.... What is this "Spingo" you speak of?


'Spingo' is brewed and sold in the Blue Anchor, which is located on the left hand side of the street in Helston as you go down towards the monument at the bottom. It is very strong and many a time I have seen the unknowing crawling back up the street after a few, on some occasions trying to swim up the kennel.


Lantern Swinger
Are you a member of the RN Surfing Association, speak to the club swingers at Sultan they will probably put you on to Spud Murphy at Nelson (if he hasn`t gone to Dartmouth), lots of committee members at Culdrose, training weekends held regularly next at Gwithian on the 17th 18th of May. Visit check Culdrose out and speak to people outside a training environment.

Site on the RN intranet.
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