Rnac ?


just a quick question about the rnac.

i,ve recently been booked on the course in a few weeks and i have a date for raleigh in december and i was just curious as to weather this is a must attend course for me as recently i have been unemployed and racked a bit of debt up !! but just this week was offered a job that could take me up to raleigh but this course is an issue with the employer.

just thought i would ask for a bit of advice before i ring my AFCO as i dont want to sound unenthusastic about me joining up.

thanks guys :)
Hello and welcome to RR, Baz.

A dilemma indeed.

As I understand it, what was the RNAquaintC is now a must-pass-before-joining 'Preparation' course. A search through the Newbies thread will provide more details.

If you are due to join in December then you will have been waiting a fair old time and the sooner that you are in and settled into training the sooner you'll be pulling in regular income and in a good position to start settling your debts.

On the other hand; you may be able to defer both this Preparation course and your RALEIGH entry dates if your finances dictate that it is essential for you to take up this short-term employment for sound financial reasons.

Others will offer more detailed advice but it sounds as if you have some tough calls to make for your future RN career if that remains your objective.

I believe if you are due to join before jan 2012 then the RPC is not mandatory. However this may have changed since its inception.

I suggest honesty with your afco staff. Explain the situation to them, I'm sure they won't prejudice you for your current situation unless of course it is a considerable amount of debt and/or you have not already volunteered it to the afco.
thanks for the replys.
its not a career stopping amount but just something i wanted sorted before i join but as earlychop said i also thought it was not mandatory until 1st jan 2012 but if it is i will definatly go and do the course.Just a lot going on with only 2 month to go and it would have been nice to give it a miss in all honesty.
This is what we are told about people joining between now and Dec 2011.

Career Advisors are to aim for all candidates to have completed either the current RPC course or PRNC(R) prior to the entry date. Candidates attending PRNC(R) must achieve the standards defined.

So it's not mandatory yet, but is for anyone joining after Dec 2011. But you should if at all possible attend one of the pre-entry courses

Thanks SM for clearing it up :) as always amazingly useful to the newbies on this forum .
in that case i will have a word with my CA and see what he reckons to my dilemma .

cheers guys
Just remember that the afco can and will pause your application or defer your entry date if you wish them to. It a very open system.

Good luck in the future mate.
My son is currently at Raleigh nearing the end of his second week.He only got the call 7 or 8 weeks ago,I think someone had dropped out so my son didn't do the RPC but I understand it is compulsory soon.

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