Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by masterchef, Jul 1, 2010.

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  1. was just wondering does every recruit go to that course?

    and how long before ur entry date do you normally go to the rnac?
  2. Well Chef,

    It is my understanding that everyone has the choice to go on the RNAC some AFCO's seem to offer the option and others seem to leave it to the recruits initiative and drive to ask to do it.

    I am going in a few weeks and that will be 2 months after my interview, and I know dates are available so I guess if you give your AFCO a call and ask them to get you booked they will. ( I believe) :roll:
  3. cheers si,i have everything completed interview,pjft etc and i was waiting for them to ring me with a date to go but suppose no harm in ringing them :!:
  4. would strongly advise if you get the oppertunity to go on this gives you a good insight of what to expect
  5. yeah I've heard great things about it.
  6. good insight kid i went on mine early may upto hms caldoneia opend my eyes on what to expect
  7. was it tough mate?
  8. no mate if your training your self then it shold not be the difficult it just opens you eyes to what you can expect at raliegh even though that will be ten times harder. you do you pjft there plus ptb test which is sit ups press ups plus you do your circuit training if you have not done this before advise you to do it so you know what to expect.
  9. ah I work as a gym instructor/lifeguard so the gym part won't be a problem,not that ill be going in thinking that tho lol

  10. am sure the pt's will find something you cant do
  12. what does p.t stand for?
    im going to caledonie for rnac on 12th july (week monday)
    what other things do u do up there?
  13. physical trainer mate.
  14. cheers mate
  15. do lots mate just make sure ur fit and expect to do hard work and you should be ok.

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