RNAC monday 5th - PRNC pass/fail awareness

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by lucretia, Sep 4, 2011.

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  1. Hi, Im just curious now that the RNAC is pass/fail. What happens if you fail the fitness? Is that it over or do they give you another chance on another RNAC?

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  2. I'm pretty sure that 3 attempts are going to be allowed.
  3. Thanks. I got the call last week and was following a pretty strict weight loss regime with the plan of working on my fitness near the end of the weight loss. All my own fault obviously, just hoping it doesnt ruin my application.
  4. Fitness and healthy weight loss should go hand in hand..
  5. How long notice did they give you for the rpc?
  6. I didnt do the RPC. suffice to say I passed everything. Did the run in 10:51 with no running for 5 months. Pure adrenaline and determination. Although its back to weight loss now and a lot of time in the gym so that its not so hard in raleigh. Also fitness and weight loss go hand in hand......not totally true on a ketosis based diet as the body is already burning a lot of fat. Intense fitness training leads to muscle burning. so my plan was to lose the weight, return to a normal healthy diet and ramp up the training.
  7. I don't think you will get more than 1 attempt at RNFT at RNAC, as you've already passed PJFT (in the same time limit).
  8. Ninja_Stoker

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    A single fail of the RNFT (1.5 mile run) on the PRNC could cause an allocated entry date to be deferred pending a successful re-take of PRNC. There is a 10% margin allowed for the outdoor run in addition to the standard permitted PJFT run-times on a treamill.

    As there is no official pre-PRNC Brief, PRNC careers publication or indeed a DVD yet (unlike the Potential Royal Marines Course) it is perhaps understandable there may be confusion.

    The PRNC joining letter has been amended this last week to make attendees aware there is a pass/fail element to the course.

    If in any doubt with regard the PRNC - contact your AFCO - don't assume as it could be a 'career stopper'.
  9. im off on the course tomorow. Fitness is good so no worries about that. the letter dosent seem to state any other pass/fail elements.

    is there any things you can fail apart from run and swim?

  10. You also need to pass the press ups and sit ups
  11. the course was good.. the 2 things you could fail were 2.4km run and the swim. the rest was generall attitude.
  12. where did you have to go for the course? also how long you been waiting to do the fitness test?
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  13. I have 3 weeks left untill my prnc nervous as hell as my press ups and sit ups are taking ages to progress my running is getting a lot better. 30.08 for 4 miles so am chuffed with that any last minute tips at all !!!

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