RNAC Kit List?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Scarface2009, Jul 2, 2009.

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  1. I know this may sound stupid but does anyone know the kitlist for the RNAC?

    I have seen one on here but it is outdate by a couple of years

  2. I thought i still had mine but I can't find it, one will be sent to you in the post though.
  3. problem is that i go on Monday

    i am going to have a scout around the house tonite
  4. 2 Bath Towels

    Toiletries including shaving gear, toothbrush and paste, hairbrush, soap/shower gel

    Suitable pair of trainers to run in

    Sports kit including 2 t-shirts, sports shorts, 2 pairs of sports socks, swimming trunks or shorts (with liner)

    Black shoe polish and brushes

    Sufficient underwear to last for 4 days

    2 pairs of thick socks

    Civilian clothing for travelling to and from RNAC

    Cash for sundries - £25 should suffice (some small change for use in vending machines)

    Cigarettes if you smoke (very little chance for buying them) - although you may get a chance to visit the shop
  5. cheers!!!thats very helpfull
  6. I'd probably say you don't need the two bath towels as there's a heated room in dry towels in, we only needed just the one when I was there, but girls should take a small hair towel also
  7. Is this the official kit list?

    do i wear a shirt and tie when i go up there or just smart casual clothing?


  8. Yes, it is.

    Shirt and tie is fine but smart casual such as chinos and a polo shirt would be acceptable for travelling there too.
  9. ok, cheers!!!

    sorry again, but does it have to be two black towels?


  10. I don't think it matters, there was a whole array of colored towels when I was there.
  11. sorry again! but do the T Shirts have to be plain or can they be any (eg nike,addidas top)?

  12. There were a whole array of t-shirts when I did mine. As long as you can run in it, it will be suitable.
  13. ok cheers, i will just wear the nike top

    cheers :) :)
  14. All sorted now, Scarface?
  15. Why is it that the kit list specifies wet razors over electric ones? Are there no places to charge electric ones?
  16. Because electric razors are sh!te, perhaps?
  17. They do the job well enough
  18. Not for these purposes they don't.

    You will be required to wet shave whilst at HMS Raleigh.
  19. infact, not, i cant find 2 pairs of thick socks, i can only find the one!!!
  20. Do you have to take up any certain Documents, e.g Passport?

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