RNAC HMS Collingwood

Discussion in 'RR Greatest Threads' started by Amyshickers, Nov 26, 2009.

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  1. Hi,
    Im going on the RNAC course on the 7th December. Is anyone else going on that date?
    Really looking forward to it!
    Thanks guys
  2. No. But I'll take you out on the lash in the evening, wear something nice and bring two female freinds.
  3. Two's up mate??
  4. In that case bring 5 female friends, two for my mate. I need spares as I have a habit of breaking them.
  5. Toot toot! Get on.
  6. Woah there fcukers don't forget about moi, someone needs to bring a bit of class to this gang rape.....er I mean........er.......drinks party.
  7. You can bring the HBM mate...... And a spade.
  8. All aboard the minimoke guys, we're off to Cyprus!
  9. Looking forward to it. I'll start packing my tools.
  10. Don't worry shippers I went to B&Q and purchased a new rape kit at the weekend, I now have a Ford Transit, fully stocked with the following items:

    A mattress
    HBM x Shitloads
    Some digging equipment
    Three hole balaclava
    Marigold gloves
    Cable ties
    Cillit Bang
    A replica pistol
    A cool box containing some snacks and beer for afterwards
    Digital camera for those Kodak moments

    Have I missed anything?
  11. Ooooooooooooh! 8O

    Gotta love a Green Jacket.
  12. Travel scrabble.
  13. Neggers cheggers

    Travel Uckers!
  14. SHAZZAM! Good thinking oopo.

    Wafu rules though.
  15. Get to fcuk.

  16. Firstly, ditch the digital camera, for some reason a polaroid is more sinister and you can show them straight away.

    You also need:

    1. Quicklime.
    2. A small portable radio to play surreal Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood songs during the "event".
    3. A roll of carpet.
    4. Make up. (For you or her, I like to apply lipstick once I've finished and sob whilst looking into the mirror.)
    5. Your dead wife's dress to make her wear. (If you are not recently berieved, just a posh dress will do.)
    6. A wire coathanger.

    That should cover it, but we all have personal preferences.
  17. So Amy, back on thread, when do you go to Collingwood again?
  18. Amy, meet me outside Inglefield block at sunset. I'll be wearing overalls and rubber gloves.
  19. I'll be in a transit van, you won't see me until I switch on the headlights.
  20. No Amy, meet me outside Jack's Snacks, I'll be waiting in my Transit.

    You better be there or I will find you, I know where you live, don't stand me up or you will regret it.

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