RNAC HMS Caledonia


Lantern Swinger
hey hey just managed to get bloody internet re-connected!

got back from the naval aquaint a couple weeks back now but i gotta say i had a great time there ! when i first left plymouth i was a bit gutted about the 9 odd hour trip i had in front of me but just tried to get me head down, met nik and james in carlisle and made our way there. we turned up to the station late of course lol. when we finally got to our block we had something like 2mins to get into our uniform make our beds and get back down the stairs and outside the block. i thought the PO was joking - he wasnt ! . we did a bit of drill and we picked it up pretty well. we had 2 or 3 people leave us one had a bad injury she fell over and banged her head while marching past the roadworks. i couldnt believe how good the PT was at HMS neptune even though i thought my head was literally gonna explode it was great. Our team was brilliant and we pretty much all got on with each other except 4 one individual who for anybody who went who is reading this will never forget (he never shut up,got us at least 10 press ups an hour , swam like a brick,and couldnt shoot the broadside of a barn door although claimed to be rambo) apart from that was great and im certain that everyone who went is really glad they did and are all looking forward to raleigh !

phew thats me knackered, right im orf 4 a coffee :lol:


Lantern Swinger
ah no way ur joking :x cheers for the heads up tho mate. i dint go much on their fry ups tbh otherwise it wasnt bad scran, faslane was much better tho
There's always one gobby one, Buggy! We had one on our RNAC too!

That civvy catering woman at Calendonia made a sea cadet cry, she was pretty awful!

Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the post!

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