Lantern Swinger
chrismccaff said:
Does anyone know the difference between regular rnac and rlalc(sm)? I know that it's shorter but what else?
The Ratings Preparation Course (formally Royal Naval Acquaints Course) lasts from Monday to Thursday and gives an insight into what you can expect at Raleigh, your chosen branch and the Navy in general. Normally people who have applied and are waiting for a date for Raleigh go on one of these.

The Look At Life Course is shorter, running Tuesday to Thursday and gives a general overview at life in the Navy. This is normally aimed at schools/colleges/ people who may be thinking about joining up but haven't signed up yet

And any course with (SM) is for people going / thinking about going submariner


Lantern Swinger
Are RNAC's open to everyone or do you need to go on a specific course depending on what you are applying for?

I am ready to be torn apart for asking this, but figured I might get one sensible answer...

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