Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Countyroadkopite, Sep 8, 2010.

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  1. Hi I got my date throu for my RNAC at HMS CALEDONIA on the 4th october , is anyone elase on here going the same date as me ?
  2. no im on the 18th but let me know how it is
  3. will do RAFFER :)
  4. I havent got mine 'till the 1st of Nov so let me know how it is. Annoyingly I should have already been in July but I came down with glandular fever 2 weeks before...which was a real bastard.
  5. unlucky
  6. ive got mine this coming monday
  7. lol, i use that word sarcastically so often!

    Mine won't be until early next year :(
  8. let me know how it goes , and good luck :D
  9. ah will do i'll send u a pm when i get back on how its like.
  10. cheers fella , good luck
  11. anyone going to RNAC on the 28th september?
  12. I have mines on the 18th October. I presume its at HMS Caledonia because it was my dad that took the call when I was out. My careers advisor told him I was booked on the course and that he would post out a pack with all the information.
  13. nice one pal what u going in as and where you going from
  14. I'm going in as Writer. I will be leaving from Markinch train station, I'm from Fife. What about you?
  15. thats not too bad then i suppose i got 4 and half hour train journey from liverpool
  16. I've got mine on the 4th but at Collingwood, and had a call today to arrange a update interview for the week after ie 11th...Does anyone know if this means I might be getting a step closer to Raleigh?....I know its upto 24 months, I've been waiting since December-09....Or is this interview standard after RNAC?????
  17. Cool man. What you going in as?
  18. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Why didn't you ask when they were on the phone?
  19. I always just agree with the Chief then discover after that I have questions....After I put the phone down...
  20. Does anyone know the difference between regular rnac and rlalc(sm)? I know that it's shorter but what else?

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