RNAC - Got to do it


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Got back yesterday from Collingwood, a great experience long days and tough PT if you are not fit so don't take that for granted!!

Good fun and you will meet some good people. Def get to do this, it will really give you a good insight into what to expect when you eventually get to Raleigh.

Good luck to those on here who were there :D


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It was an awesome week, long days but in the end the week was too short :(
Si, iron duke was awesome but I have to say starring at Dauntless from the bridge was a touch gutting.
AWESOME week though well worth it.


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Yeah, shame we could not go on Dauntless, I guess as they are so new and much better, they did not want give folk a false impression of what to expect on a ship, like conditions etc...

Warefare...the RNAC is the same for all people, it's aim is to prepare you for Raleigh and give an insight into what happens after that. Just be fit!! :D


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Well Tommo,

As we had to clean our own mess deck and beds etc etc.. that would by default make the other young lads "maids" so def no smashing going on :lol: :lol:
WarfareSpecialistToBe said:
Do you know if there is a Different RNAC for people going in for Boats??
when my son did his he went up to Caladonia and on the day of visits the guys going for boats went through to faslane and had a look see at one of the older boats .this was a couple of years ago mind so things may have changed now. my other boy did not have to go to scotland as they had started doing RNAC down south by then.oh and both of them loved it as they are both now serving on boats.


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i love watching RNAC's march some people just dont even care i saw a guy at the back of a squad not even moving his arms he looked like a right knuckle scraper

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