Rnac compulsory.

Just found out today that the rnac is now compulsory, any one going in after the first of January will have to go, it is now a pass or fail course. Although I have already been a year ago, I need to go again, so I'm off in September 26th, have been told to keep that whole week free. Haven't seen this posted yet so thought I'd see if anyone else has heard. It's a bloody good idea making it compulsory I think!


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What happens if you have already been on this? i was on it last year and have had no phone call from my CA to advise me i need to go on it again?.

just re-read your post is it any one going in after january 2012?
We are expecting official notification very soon. But it appears that all candidates will be required to attend a pass or fail course prior to joining. Anyone joining after 1st Jan 2012 will have to do it, anyone before will be asked to attend an RPC (Rating preparation course). the New Potential Royal Navy course (PRNC) will only be valid for 12 months from the date it is taken. More information will be passed out from the Careers office's once the official notification has been received.

As Always, make sure you seek the advice of your own Careers advisor/ACLO at your own office

Sorry Sm don't suppose you know what the key elements of the course will be pass or fail do you? Obviously the 2.4 run I just didn't know if there would be any other important bits to swat up on.
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so if you fail and you have a date will they take your date of you?
You'll get up to 3 attempts.

Your AFCO will put to on a course when notified of an entry date so far as we're aware.

It applies to term 3 entrants onwards I think. Course content is still being developed.
I go in a couple of weeks time up to Caledonia, I take it the Pass/Fail course will start after this so I will still be on the non-pass/fail course?
My sources tell me the pass/fail element will be;
Getting out of bed in the morning unassisted.
Ironing ability (Phase 1 level).
Coordinated walking (AKA Marching.).
Completion of the Times crossword in under 30 minutes.

My advice, start practicing all routines now.


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Indications are that anyone with a start date Jan 2012 onwards will complete the PRNC regardless of whether they have previously undertaken a RPC. The PRNC will be valid for 12 months anyone failing the run or rubbish at swimming will be invited to re-attend.


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It's primarily instructional however there will be assessed elements such as the 1.5 mile run & a basic swim assessment. It's nothing like the Royal Marines PRMC.


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Shame they cant combine this course with the Medical and PJFT make it an ADSC type selection.
A medical costs around £100, so it's a bit of a waste of money sending someone to Collingwood or Caledonia,adding the cost of travel, food & accommodation only to discover they cannot join, unless they live locally. It makes financial sense to ensure they are medically fit to enter first - only the Medical Examiner can give the legal definitive decision on that one - even if the chances of a one-legged asthmatic self-harming dwarf passing are known to be slim from the outset. The manner in which the ADSC medical is conducted does not always permit an instant decision with regard medical suitability - particulaly if a condition needs further research which will result in a ticket home before completing selection.

With regard the fitness test, that cannot be completed until the medical has been passed (in case there's a medical reason they cannot safely take the test). The PJFT costs about twenty quid and if a medically suitable individual can't pass that, then they're not worth buying a train ticket to achieve failure elsewhere.

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