RNAC Caledonia


Lantern Swinger
Well then we won't help you but if your mom need's any advice she's more than welcome. If you'd kindly provide us a picture of you I'll tell you if I have the same RNAC date as you.
ahem... back to the matter at hand :p i'v got my RNAC in a week, don't know if i should delay it tho, suffred ligament damage to my ankle and it's not properly healed yet (plus i'm not as fit as i should be cause i'v been on ma arse waitin for it to heal) how vigorous is the training there, and will anythingcount against me if I can't keep up with the pace?


Lantern Swinger
How much training have you done before? There is a fair bit of physical, although nothing like at Raleigh. If you dont keep up there is a record made but I dont think it counts against you as long as you remedy it by the time you reach Raleigh.

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