Rnac: basic skills assessment

Got my rnac 10 oct and was just wondering if the basic skills assessment was similar to the recruit test? Or is it a test of the basic skills you've learnt on the course?
Cheers mate.. Easy ? Anyone fail it on your course?

If you mean the actual course I don't think anyone did tbh but then it wasn't really a pass or fail course it was just kind of a taster of some of the stuff you do at HMS Raleigh
But if you mean the skills test its based on levels it goes entry level 1 entry level 2 and entry level 3 then level one level two level three I think and I think you have to get entry level 2 when getting to HMS raleigh and entry level 3 when leaving something like
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The RNAC Skills Test consists of
Setting an alarm clock correctly and then getting out of bed in a timely fashion when it goes off.
Tying shoe laces.
Ironing a straight crease in a pair of trousers (No, I repeat, no tramlines.).
Starting a washing machine.
Passing the fitness test and not honking your guts up.
Eating all food dished up to you in the galley (No ones passed that yet.).

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