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Okay so I recieved information about RNAC today and I have to say it sounds really good. I was just interested in any feedback that could be given by anyone who has been on the course....

We can't stop here this is Bat country!
I work in recruiting and we have found that people who attend RNAC do find the transistion into Raleigh a little smoother than the one's who skip RNAC. We are hoping in the future that everyone will have to attended this course, but that will not be until we get the southern one up and running sometime this year. Hope you enjoy it :lol:


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I went its a good course. But in fairness i dont think much of it relates to basic training.

But it does give you a good heads up on the navy life etc.


Been asked if I wanted to go on that, seems like a good idea, if anything just to get an insight first hand what you are letting yourself in for.

Have my medical in two weeks time seems to be just dragging at the moment
I'm looking forward to going on the RNAC, a bit nervus though, 2 weeks after the course I should be starting basic training!
mate just go on it, it will pick out all ypur weaknesses and you will have a good time, pm me if u wish for more advice on what to expect
Yozza and i were there at the same time, we had fun. It may not be just like basic, but it does make you realise what you need to do to prepare. For example, i know that i don't need to do any more swimming like i though i'd have to, but i do need to do more running. Go for it and post your experiences. And have a look for our photo on the big board by the downstairs tv room!
I'm not worried about going on the course, just that if they do pick up any weakness then, well what can you do in 2 weeks, just keep training and hope thats all.
wouldn't mind knowing what the fitness test are, that is my greatest worry!

hey ship_rat the fitness test that me and snap dragon done at hms caledonia were the 1.5 mile run, situps, press ups, treading water for 2 minutes and swimming 50 metres. all of those were performed on tuesday, then at hms neptune the only fitness we done was circuit training, which comprised of, situps, pressups, half sits, v sit ups, wide armed press ups, start pressups, squarts, burpbess, tricep press, mat dive and star jumps. it may take it out of u abit on the tuesday and wednesday but just give it your 110% mate. i mean i messed up on the swimming but i still swam the 50 metres. i was acheing on the wednesday and almost gave up but i never. and if u do get shown any weaknesses try your best to work n them. for example now i am going swimming every monday and friday, running round my home town every tuesday, and saturday and doing pressups and situps every morning and evening.

hope this has been some help to you mate and good luck
thanx yozza!
loads of help, I'm training for my rescue diver at the moment, so I do plenty of swimming and running, with a least a session in the gym! diver gear can get quite heavy!!! lol, I go to my RNAC in may so I plenty of time to train! thanx again
If nothing else, Cally will be a good experience because you'll find out what you need to focus on. And maybe you will find that something you worried about wasn't actually too bad. I worried to death about swimming right up until the moment i jumped it. Turns out i passed and it was quite comfortable. I know my road-running needs more work. I know my circuits (push ups, sit ups and the like) are fine. Gave it everything, but it was nothing compared to what i already do. So now i will move my focus from general fitness and swimming to being able to cut minutes off my mile and a half.

Just go and give it your all. You won't be expected to pass the tests. One man in our group couldn't swim at all. But he got in the shallow end after we all finished, and that was fine because that was his 110%. You're going there to learn how to prepare for Raleigh. So enjoy it!

Edit: Didn't mean to focus on PT so much in my post. My biggest problem i need to overcome is time keeping and keeping my accomodation clean and tidy. I struggled with that more than anything. There will be something that turns up that you'll need to practice at and you'll be glad you went to Caledonia to realise it!
hi yozza
I'm going in on the 17th June, so you will be finishing basic training, as I will be joining basic training.

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