RNAC acquaint course 25th - 28th Feb 2008


As per the subject, I'll be on the Royal Navy Acquaint Course on the 25th February to the 28th February, who else is going? :thumright:

Looking forward to it!? Hell yeah...!
I put my name down with my AFCO officer to go on that course, I recieved my Raleigh join date the other day but as yet no date or information to do with the course up at Faslane :(
Ah gutted! I signed up for it ages ago and have only just got the letter back, I wouldn't worry too much - phone them up!

When's your join date?

Might see you an HMS Caledonia!
18th May!? I'll bet that's the same one I'm going into! Well, similar I guess, the waiting list for AETs are four months, and my place will be allocated within 2 - 4 weeks so... :)


danny, did u have to wait long after your PJFT until you got your letter with your joining date? i passed mine last weds and im joining as an AET too. do u reckon if i didnt get a good time of the PJFT that i'll have to wait longer for my date?

i signed up for the aquaint course too but got told by my AFCO it'll be in april


No not at all! I was accepted after my interview on 12th December, did my PJFT the week afterwards and was phoned with my acceptance date (Letter followed shortly afterwards) by mid-Jan, I think the longest wait is for your security clearance forms, apparently takes between 4 - 8 weeks.

If you've done your references, completed the security clearance form and passed the PJFT then I shouldn't see it taking more than a few weeks.

If you pass the test then that's all that matters regarding time, they wouldn't favour faster people at this stage (Or any, I think).


awesome! that sounds like some good news. sounds like all i have to do is wait for the security check so fingers crossed all goes well! i have a thing for the good things in my life going well for a little while then suddenly plumetting downhill....
Ahhhh don't say that, you'll tempt it!

Haha nah, don't worry about it, the security clearance will be fine so long as you've been completely open, they'll have told you if you weren't eligable, like if you're in the UK illegally or you've killed 16 people or something.

It's cool :)

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