RNAC 5-8th October

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by GuyC, Sep 3, 2009.

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  1. Just received the paper work through for the RNAC I've been booked onto for the 5th-8th October up in Rosyth.

    Really looking forward to it, after all this waiting something is happening, still got a way to go yet till I start at HMS Raleigh (3rd Jan 2010) but it's a start.
    Pleased to see we get a trip to Faslane, as I'm going in as submariner, so get a look at where, potentially I could be based!

    Anyone else going on these dates?


    On a different note, did anyone go to Leeds festival this year?
    Found this article earlier, made me laugh and almost convulse when read it. Respect to her for staying and enjoying rest of festival.

    Who is Poo Girl?
  2. I wish i was going on those date but i haven't heard a peep from my AFCO yet. I bet you are happy things seem to be happening now.

    Just read the poo girl thing and fair play to her. To stay and party after that takes some guts. If i was her i wouldn'twant to be found though, she will be known by everyone as 'Poo Girl'! 8O
  3. im also going rosyth for these dates, just came back from my local afco.
    cant wait now . :D

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