Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by burnsy85, Apr 17, 2010.

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  1. who is going?

    whats the trade you have applyed for?
  2. AET mate, you?
  3. What base have you been told you're going to mate? I thought we were going HMS Caledonia but some people going to HMS Collingwood on 17th May? My details are on the way now
  4. hms caledonia mate
  5. Got all my stuff sorted now mate, my travel arrangements are Preston to Haymarket, then Haymarket to Inverkiething. £106 worth of travel thanks very much haha
  6. Burnsy I'll see you in Lime Street Station. Patrick I'll find you on the train. Trig I'll find you after the course and force you to down pints with me. :evil:
  7. see you on board lad
  8. Sweet, sounds good to me :lol:

    Although do you think you'll be able to hack it in Glasgow :twisted: ?
  9. where about exactly is inverketing mate seen as your from scotland
  10. Just outside of Dunfermline mate, not too far from rosyth :)
  11. not to far for you then?
  12. Twill be a piece of p1ss for me coming from Liverpool, the city of gun crime.
  13. Hmm, probably about an hour and a half, to two hours away. I think!!
  14. better then 4 hours mate
  15. Aye, but just think of me when im trying to get down to Raleigh, whenever my day comes ;)
  16. any one know exactly how many will be in our class up there?
  17. i know works both ways, what you going in for?
  18. people who are going on the 3rd of may what train times have you got, looks like some av been told diff times to others?
  19. settin off at 11.21 from chorley, getting to inverkiething at 14.41, i might see you & alison on the train at preston

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