RNAC 22 June


Lantern Swinger
You'll enjoy it mate, say hello to all the staff for me, AB Dean in particular if he's still there. (The short submariner) And AB Kelly the taller one :)
Got back from RNAC (Collingwood) last Thursday. It was a superb course, met some great (and in fairness not so great) people - they really did cram a lot into 3 days. And although I took a minute off my PJFT time (down from 11.53 on a treadmill to 10.50 on the road) It really was a wake up call as to the prep needed before Raleigh.

Was also very lucky as our ships visit was on the new Type 45 (Daring) - it was AMAZING.

Rookie - met with AB Kelly and Dean (although he is a Leading Hand now!) - LH Dean was a great bloke to talk too - and as I was the only person on the course going for the boats I talked to him a lot - he was very helpful!

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