RNAC - 21st June 2010

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by OhSoCescyBaby, Apr 15, 2010.

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  1. Who else will be attending? (If anyone?)
  2. Ahh ive asked to go to a rnac date in june but they havent got back to me yet so could possibly be joining you on that one.
  3. :lol: Will you be going to the one based in Scotland?
  4. Thatd be a hell of a trip from St Austell Lol
  5. Umm no i think ill be going to portsmouth im in cornwall.!
  6. Do you mean HMS Collingwood in Fareham?
    I'm heading there on 21st so line up ladies and prepare to eat dust.. no seriously that's what you will be eating when we are hanging outa our arses!!!!! ;)
  7. Being so cocky on this forum might just bite you in the ass mate!
  8. And might make the staff at RNAC think he's not a team player but ho hum. have fun ppl
  9. Really? Then I guess it's the same as all Internet forums!

    "Line up ladies and prepare to eat dust!"

    Anyways what do you think your gonna be eating when your face is being pushed down and into the dirt after a nice session of bastard jumps, push-ups etc?

    .. ohhh you thought I was being an ******** and saying I'm better than everyone there? Nope I don't think I said that!

    But thanks for assuming!
  10. I Think he was generaqlly going by the attitude of you post. but im just observing. anyhow, have fun at RNAC. Im sure itl be as fun as everyone says it is. I know the Army ones were.
  11. I know, I like to mess around with chaps. I will admit the post seems a lil big headed so I shall alter it to be more suited!
  12. Banter is fine until your whole mess thinks you're a cock because you never shut up!

    Just sayin. :roll:
  13. goin 3rd of may
  14. me too, still waitin for me paperwork though. he told me on the phone it was 5 days which is an extra day from normal..
  15. its not you know mate if your going to hms caldonia then its only 4 days mon-thur
  16. i know yeah thought it was abit abnormal, he definatly said go on monday and come back on the friday.. still waiting on my paperwork but i presume i'm going caledonia aswell, when you going raleigh?
  17. as for raleigh mate i have not got a clue WS is still 24 month wait, started me app last august so just got to wait me turn

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