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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by fetchit, Jan 19, 2008.

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  1. Been reading the site for ages and finally found something pertinent to post!
    Passed everything back in September, moved to Wolverhampton from the Norwich area around that time and I've been playing the waiting game ever since.
    Going in as an ETME to Raleigh on March 9th and on the RNAC on..welll..Monday!
    Anyone else on the board going on either of those dates?
  2. what happens on a RNAC i pesume it means Royal Navy Aquiantance coures never had them in my time, im a joined and gone saiior.
    best of luck on the 9th of March.l
  3. I've Just come back off my RNAC and its just an inside look of what you do in Basic training i.e. Drill, Weapons handling, ship/submarine visit, all the physical stuff including the PJFT PT B and Swim test etc...
  4. Looks like good fun, I imagine it must be quite expensive for them to run it, though it must improve the pass-out rate of Raleigh and cut down on administration by weeding people out before they sign a contract.

    I'd personally really rather just get on with Raleigh at this stage but I'm certainly up for this course.
    Anyone out there on this acquaint?
    I've got visions of myself being chased about by 4 pti's on my own.
  5. thanks for the reply Gazza well hope you enjoy it when you get there

    i pass it most days and go into to it occassionally,its a brilliant place and a brilliant life in the RN

    best of luck im sure you will do well,its not a job its a way life
  6. Fetchit Its an exellent course real fun and an eye opener for you if your not fit enough which isn't a bad thing.
    It shows you where you have to improve before you goto raleigh (If need for improvement)
    Dont worry there will be others on the course I couldn't find anyone on here but had 30 others with me and we became very good friends at the end of it (that was only 4 days..... imagin 9 weeks).
    Don't stress out too much. Keep your head down do what your told and you'll be fine Just enjoy the 4 days, I did.
    :thumright: :thumright:

    No probs Brendan :)
  7. you will be Okay fetchit, Newbies are the life blood of the Royal Navy
    and have the greatest respect from the oldies of the RN, your instructors respect that, they are there to guide help and assist you , it a great life
    (F174 1982)
  8. Well it was definitely a good show! I was worried about my fitness but going on the course put all my fears aside as I turned out to be quite fit passing all of the tests in good time and with relative ease (and they definitely don't take it easy on you).
    Best bit out of it all was the Physical stuff actually, particularly the circuits at Faslane! You feel wiped out after it but about ten feet taller once the PTI dismisses you.
    I'd reccomend it to anyone who gets the opportunity, if only to confirm your fitness levels and to let you know where you stand, even if you live in the south!

    Roll on Raleigh!
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It may well become a compulsory part of the selection process in the not too distant future.

    Good to see you enjoyed it, well done.

    Edited before Norman spots my "gash speling".[​IMG]
  10. Glad to hear you enjoyed it as much as I did last week :)
    and the PTI was really strict with us at faslane too had to do the circuit 3x but ended up restarting too many times. people getting things wrong etc....

    So whens your joining date fetchit?
    oops never mind I just saw its march 9th hehe
  11. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Sorry to drift the thread a little, but for those interested, the RNAC (South) at HMS Collingwood should come online around April this year(allegedly), which saves the Southerners traveling for hours only to catch a chill - "Ooop North".

    Top tip is to ask your Careers adviser if you may attend at the newer (shandy-drinking) RNAC centre if you live from the Midlands "Sarf".
  12. onJust my luck. I'm getting a plane to the RNAC on 11th Feb, otherwise it's a 10 or 11 hour train journey starting at 06:00. Mmm I think not..not if i have to play ice-breaking games a few hours after i get to base.
    Shame MOD don't finance flights from the south as it would be an awful lot cheaper than the morale-crushing train journey.
  13. I will see you there then mate! Unfortunately for me, no such generosity from my AFCO- 6.5 hour train journey it is. Not to worry! I'd say I'm in pretty good shape for it, doing the run consistently between 9 mins-9:40mins even in the terrible weather lately. Can see myself maybe getting caught out on some of the circuit training, push ups maybe...
  14. Hi Jemster, MOD won't cover RNAC flights anymore, no matter how far south you are (i'm from Bournemouth). I'm not too fussed about shelling out for the transport, anything is better than sitting for 11 hours on a train like a bored battery hen. It would be cheaper for the MOD to subsidise flights from the south coast to Rosyth.

    9-9:40 mins is insanely good. What's your routine..i guess you must be road-running every other day! I haven't got my Raleigh date yet so i haven't been training rigorously to say the least. I did a 2.4 km road run a couple of weeks ago and finished in 11:43 - i need 11:13 for Phase One training. I'm pretty confident with the circuits stuff, although i am hoping the PTI's count off a number of required reps rather than "go til you puke" expectations. I'm going swimming in about an hour to shake off the cobwebs, although after you having revealed your 2.4km time - i probably should be running to the leisure centre. :pukel:

  15. Ah I see, fair play mate, don't blame you... I'm not far north of London so the train journey is more bearable than it would be from Bournemouth.

    It's not as hard as you think to get consistently sub-10mins or at least around that mark mate, an hour of good Cardio work a day and you will see an improvement in your time almost daily. I run the 2.4km on the road everyday, then walk/jog another 1k to warm down. Usually spend about 90mins doing circuits/weights at the gym. I'll have a rest day one day a week and another day I'll just do the run and skip the gym.

    Got some swimming in today too. I'm not the strongest swimmer by along way but I've found there's really no substitute for practice when it comes to swimming. But don't be put off by other peoples routines mate- 6 months I used to be quite unfit and my diet was pretty shocking, now I'd say physically I'm not too far off ready for Raleigh.

    Like you mention though- the joining date really does help your determination fitness wise. It gives you something to work to and you're more likely to stick to a more rigorous fitness regime. Looking forward to next week.
  16. Hi jemster

    Turns out the MOD were shelling out for two Portsmouth candidates to fly, they were on the same flights as me..i guess it's because Bournemouth is just nowhere near as prominent an AFCO as Portsmouth. Fair dinkum.

    I'm quite pleased with how it went considering i haven't had my Raleigh date yet. I got 10:27 on the run, knocking over a minute off my PJFT time. I was nervous about the swim but it was nowhere near as bad as i perceived it to be. Felt bad for the guy next to me who kept going under and had to be rescued. The sit ups and press ups were fine..the grid runs were murder on my arse cheeks for some reason and i was close to vomiting when the PTI called the end.

    The bus breaking down on the way to Faslane was a gift from heaven - as you know we were then saved from sadistic circuits and got to play 5 a side football instead. Don't think my ankles and shins could have taken any more sprints. Great course. What did you think? :w00t:
  17. Just back from mine in HMS caledonia!
    Was brilliant. Makes you want to head to Raleigh strait away.
    You get a lot of time to ask questions and really get a bigger better insight into the RN and mainly the job your going for and the 9 weeks basic at raleigh.

    Reapeat was absolutely brilliant!!!
  18. Arite phildo was on the same course lol! Hows it goin????

    Ha misiing PT was a beast!
  19. haha how u doin Kris, my fellow MMA enthusiast.

    Missing circuits was a blessing. Normally i wouldn't be bothered, but i haven't done any MMA for a while and i haven't started seriously training yet due to not having my raleigh date. Don't want to be burnt out for training too long and have nothing left for Phase One . :monkey:

    Really enjoyed the course though..there were a few prats knocking about but these are the guys that may not have the fortitude to get through tougher times. I hope the senior staff are as cool at Raleigh as at the RNAC - it's easy to give 100% to people that won't call you a wa*ker if you accidentally do something wrong.

    P.S - If you are in Pompey at the end of the year and want to go through some BJJ drills or sparring...well, you know. :salut:
  20. ye man know worries you got my number mate hit me a txt! Yeah man well keep me updated shall add you as a friend on this!
    have u got MSN??
    Yeah i was back at MMA straight away!
    yeah definalty hopethe staff are that sound well done on being promoted at the end i think we did really well even tho it was really had to stand out since everyone had to be the same and like not speak etc.
    Are you glad to be back?

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