RNAC. 12.07.10

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by rn190910, Jul 7, 2010.

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  1. Hello!

    I'm off to my RNAC in the South next Monday :)

    Anyone got any tips and hints?

    Also anyone else going??x
  2. "I'm off to my RNAC in the South next Monday"

    See you there :D
  3. Hints:

    1. Learn to speed change...
    2. Learn left from right for drill practice
    3. Listen to the instructors
    4. Don't walk during the 1.5mile run unless you like being verbally abused
    5. Oh and make sure you enjoy yourself. :p
  4. I came back from the RLALC(SM) course last Thursday and although its not the RNAC, you'll do everthing I did plus a bit more.

    A. Keep your hands out of your pockets - unless you like press ups
    B. Listen carefully and follow instructions - unless you like press ups
    C. Do not walk or stand still in the gym - unless you like press ups
    D. ............... I THINK YOU GET THE PICTURE..............................

    I had a great time and met lots of enthusiastic trainee submariners, expect to have to deal with those not really interested as you'll end up being punished for their mistakes.

    I found breast stroke the easiest stroke for the swim test, in overalls.
    Circuit training, sprint don't jog. - you'll ache like mad the following day!!

    Anything specific just ask :-D
  5. ahhhhh Thank you all for your advice:)
    I keep trying to do the run and i am appalling so lets hope i can run on the day!!!
    Will you all know how it went!x
  6. Anyone going to HMS Caledonia on Monday ?
  7. Where abouts are you coming from? I think i'm being dropped off for 2?x
  8. Oh and by the way there is always a course retard...ours tried to show off doing push-ups on his knuckles, guess what? We all had to do them like that all week :evil: but its a great laugh and you won't want to come home.
  9. I've done my RNAC.

    Unfortunately, I was sent home due to a knee injury so as i write this I'm Sat with my feet up at home! I survived 26 hours of it! It was amazing!!!

    If anyone wants to do the RNAC do IT! It is such an amazing experience, we learnt to march, we learnt to work as a team, communicate and fire a gun.
    And that was in the first 26 hours!!! Unfortunately I didn't get to do the ship visit but I'm sure that would have been amazing too!

    Than kyou for all your comments :)
  10. [i went to caledonia on monday 12th
  11. How was it?

    Mine was at collingwood, and it was amazing I get have to recover from my knee injury now!!!
  12. I'm sorry to read about your knee - I hope that it gets better soon.

    I know that you have missed your ship visit; it's not the same and no real compensation, but if you can hobble along to the Navy Days at the end of the month, you can wander around some then.

  13. It was really good, a good experience. Was tough tho!!!!! Got a tour round a v boat submarine on wednesday which was good as im going in as submariner. Would recommend it to anyone as it is a good eye opener to raleigh and now i know what i need to work on fitness wise before i go raleigh on 7th november.
  14. Ahh thank you!
    Where abouts do i go for these navy days, would love to go along, at least it's something even if i can't get on a working ship!! Means I can show my parents what kind of ship i could be serving on too! May not be this month have to wait and see about my knee... worst case I may end up needing an op but fingers crossed I dont need one!!
  15. Thank you :)

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