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Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by Joint_Force_Harrier, Oct 9, 2012.

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  1. Just joined my local RNA. Apart from a few of us in our 40's (me) and 50's its like Gods waiting room, bless them. With Rememberance coming up I need a Blazer to stick my shiney new badge on.

    Apart from an old blokes shop in town for selling them at £120, i havent got a clue where to get one?

    Any ideas?


  2. Good old M&S probably won't let you down. Can't remember if there are still branches of C&A in the UK, 'cos they do them too. Failing that go to Pompey or Guzz and hunt down the Naval jailor of your choice!
  3. I tried Peterborough at the weekend, might try Cambridge on Saturday.
  4. Blazers being one of those items of clothing that tends to get very little wear (both ways), I have often seen top notch models in charity shops. That may be the pikey in me, however (unless you have shoulders like Garth) this could be a good place to look. £5 for a top quality bit of kit means tailoring will only set you back the cost of buying a lesser quality new one! And think of your carbon footprint blah blah blah.....
  5. Charity shops are a winner for blazers and dinner suits,once dry cleaned they lose that charity shop smell
  6. As these things were popular in the 50s, try the Isle of wight
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  7. Oi! I resemble that remark! Thats you and Guzzler off my chrimbo card list!
  8. So that's how you do it!
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  9. What is the collective noun for people from the IOW
  10. Caulk heads
  11. White-knuckle draggers........

  12. Too late ... I've sent Rummers a PM with your address ... look out for a Fiat pulling a Pikey van real soon!
  13. I have hanging in my wardrobe a Blazer resplendant with naval crest on the pocket, a miniture naval crest on the lapel in case anyone misses the rather over embellished crest. Given to me for a Christmas present by the Father in Law, (How he must hate me), this is the most useless gift Ive ever had the misfortune to own.
    It has never been worn,will never be worn, and quite frankly it hangs there until the Father in Law crosses the bar and I can cremate both together! Why would anyone want to wear such a hideous barb.
  14. You ungrateful wretch, apart from the badge on the pocket (only colonels and privates would put a badge on the pocket) a blazer is acceptable at most events.
    Hope it's a good quality item (not a polyester piece of junk) if you don't want it why not give it to a RR member? (not me I have three blazers two of which were made to measure in Bangkok).
  15. Tre-lawnmower,

    Living down Westho' way why not just transfer the blazer badge to your smock?
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  16. All,

    Managed to get one from Greenwoods. Was £55 but with 02 priority moments got 20% off.

    Rememberance day was a good one. We all piled into the pub afterwards (Market Inn, Huntingdon) and the usual matelot dits were coming out.

    As normal all the Crab ones were about work!!!

    Remember changing that engine in Blah, Blah, Blah

    Remember Ginger losing that spanner and we looked all night for it.
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  17. God yes I remember that, Biffo was hopping mad, he gave Ginger a rocket I,m telling you!, the kite could have pranged if the Walrus hadnt turned the thing up.
  18. Hi all, I'm back.

    Been overseas on business, checked in a few times when WIFI was available, however in a third world country that wasn't very often! (Not the isle of wight)

    Did sea dog shit the pineapple I was hoping he would?

    Anyway I have a few dark navy blue blazers if any of you RNA types need one? These bobby dazzlers retail at £69.99 however I'm banging them out at £25 delivered (in the Uk), overseas I'll have to work out. I can supply a set of gold (effect) buttons, I say effect so you don't leg it down to cash for gold.

    Unfortunately I only have sizes 46, 48 & 50" chest, I got rid of all the smaller ones at our local branches.

    So if you want one PM me and I will sort out the details etc.

    Sorry haven't got any RNA badges either, however RNA HQ have (£12.50).

    Cheers JFH (in)

    ImageUploadedByNavy Net - Rum Ration1399668255.115284.jpg

    Sent from my iPhone, cos the wife is using MY iPad :(
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