RN wins Battle Of Britain ? ? ?


War Hero
What a load of claptrap (to be polite)! If the whole nation had't 'pulled together' we'd all have been speaking German now! It works like this - the farmer grows the food, the Merchant Seaman brings home what the farmer can't grow, the munitions worker makes the bullets, the plane maker makes the planes, the Crab/pongo/matelot use the stuff to stop the baddies getting through - lose one out of the chain and it don't work!

As to pardoning those who failed and where shot for it - what does this do to those who suffered from the same thing, but still got out of bed and went over the top (and got shot by the opposition). They did their duty! Different days different routines!

The one good thing about slagging those now dead (mostly) who can't defend themselves is that we can avoid the real issues - like the bloody awful mess our so called leaders are making of the present war effort! And the kids they are slaughtering now for no reason (and I ain't talking about the 'rags')!!

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