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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by McCloggie, May 28, 2008.

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  1. Have just been on another marine related site and one of the questions asked was that on the HMS Illustrious TV documentry an AB was described as being the lowest rank. Questioner asked what about OS and JS etc?

    Instead of simply asking here I went to the RN web site.

    I now begin to understand why we get so many "stupid" questions from younger people thinking about joining up!

    The site shows lots of pics of happy, smiling perfect people all enjoying their work (a bit like a TV advert for a petrol driven vacuum cleaner - how DO we manage without one? - they are sooooo happy etc.) BUT very little real info about qualifications required, future prospects, promotion and indeed rank structure. The whole thing is just a vacuous advert of people telling you how great the life is for them and what they can achieve (on paper).

    With regard to the original question, accoring to the pay rates you join at one level - which of course increases - and then you get to AB rate, But there is no mention of what happens in between.

    Maybe I am getting older, but this site seems to miss out on the really basic facts i.e rank/rating structure! After 20/25 mins. of looking I am none the wiser. Are there still ODs in the RN???

    I see the same thing in the offshore business - companies have a "work with us" page for new graduates but say nothing about the real jobs (or the fact that most of these positions are Contractor filled) that people do or what these jobs entail.

    If the site works for the RN's needs today then OK, I am wrong. But it looks like a advert for a bloody bank! Happy, smiley people of all ethnic backgrounds just so happy to be part of the corporate herd!

    I know it is only May, but BAH and HUMBUG!!!

    By the way DO Junior Rates still exist?

  2. I'm glad You feel that way, i was starting to think i just wasn't navigating the RN website properly, i've had to use this forum for pretty much any info i need. The RN website seems to have very little info on anything relevent to somebody who is in the process of applying (like me). Surely a large percentage of the purpose of the site is for such people.
  3. One of the main reasons i didnt join the RN is becasue i couldn't find any information which i found any use!! Even the blokes at the recruitment office couldn't enlighten me.

    RR is by far the best place to find out useful info on the RN.

    The RN website seems to assume that you already have some knowledge about the service.
  4. I'm sorry you all think the RN webpage doesn't answer the questions you may have about life within the RN and joining. I will mention it at my next Office Managers' meeting and see if we can get it changed.

    The basic rank structure now days is

    AB, Leading hand, PO, CPO, WO2 and WO1

    They normally join their ship as 2nd class and then progress to 1st class O/C their initial task book.

    So no real big changes


    Neil - Supermario

  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Was this another change for change sake? If you have a 2nd class Able Seaman why not leave him as an Ordinary Seaman?
  6. I believe the powers that be felt that the rating structure was over complex and, with the advent of incremental pay levels, became unnecessary (nine at Able Rate and equivalent for example - which includes Lance Corporal where appropriate). Junior is a thing of the past, so what was OD is now AB2.

    Seems a bit odd to us older ones I suppose, but I can sort of see their way of thinking, though Charge Chiefs being given genuine military seniority grips a few Senior Rates (so I believe).
  7. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    PM me with details of the question you wanted answering and the name of the person who couldn't anwer it and I'll get it sorted.
  8. Politically it's much easier to airbrush out the fact that we still rely heavily on child recruits when you call all regardless of age AB. Also let's be honest: given the choice, would you rather join as an AB or a Junior... especially when trying to impress females? :lol:

    So what are you? (Says attractive young centrefold)

    I'm a Junior Seaman... :oops:

    I'm an AB! :drool:
  9. Nutty, my old fellow phart and eternal OD, congratulations on your recent promotion to AB2.

    Have a wet on me.

  10. Thanks for the offer SF but it was years ago. I've been in the RNR for a few years now and its one of the best things i've ever done.

    It was one of those things where you ask a question and the answers were very vague. In a way its hardly surpising when you ask an AH what a muppet does but he didnt really convince me that the RN was for me.
  11. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Sounds as though it was a lucky escape all round....
  12. Can somebody equate the rank structure to the Army for me then. I worked with a mate whilst in Prison Service, he said he was a Killic.

    So Private/Guardsman/Craftsman/Trooper/Signalman is ??
    Lance Corporal ???
    Corporal/Lance Sergeant ???
    Sergeant/ Corporal of Horse ???
    Staff Sergeant/Colour Sergeant/Artificer Staff Sergeant/CQMS????
    Warrant Officer ClassII/RQMS/TQMS/AQMS ???
    Warrant Officer Class One/RSM/ASM/Conductor ????
  13. Private/Guardsman/Craftsman/Trooper/Signalman is Able Rate
    Lance Corporal no equivalent
    Corporal/Lance Sergeant - Leading Hand
    Sergeant/ Corporal of Horse - Petty Officer
    Staff Sergeant/Colour Sergeant/Artificer Staff Sergeant/CQMS - Chief Petty Officer
    Warrant Officer ClassII/ Same
    Warrant Officer Class One/RSM/ASM/Conductor/WO1

    Your friend the killick was a Leading Hand. It's a slang term which means 'anchor', the badge worn by a Leading Hand.
  14. a fouled anchor!

  15. Was being unspecific but I stand corrected. :notworthy:

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