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Those wishing to pay a visit to HMS Mersey tomorrow may like to get in touch with their local AFCO as there are limited places available on tours available to potential joiners, however so far as I'm aware it's not open to the general public.
I imagine that the queue to visit HMS Mersey on Saturday will be enormous. I get the impression that Liverpudlians love it when a ship comes in.

When I was up there for the visit of HMS Illustrious for FlyNavy 100 last year, I glanced down at the ship from the hotel window and could see what looked like a reasonable queue ........ when I walked down later, it looked like most of Liverpool had just turned up! There must have been thousands of people waiting, honestly, thousands. A good reflection on a fine City.
I may pop along this weekend too, She was last in Liverpool in April 2010 for the Waterfront Festival. I also want on 'lusty' last year and the queues were massive. There was a lot of disappointed people turned away when the ship was closed to visitors at 16:00. The ice cream van did roaring trade though !


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Unless there's been a change since last night, the RN's Facebook page is stating that the ship will be open to the public on Saturday from 1300-1600.

Best start queing now, then!
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