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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by soleil, Sep 21, 2010.

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  1. Good that an official release has appeared to calm the waves of panic people seem to be experiencing (specially on the FB page) although I imagine they could have gone further to reassure those applying. Either way its good that someone has noticed and made a statement
  2. Finally, official. Roll on next december :D although, one shouldn't get their hopes up until the SDR is published, huh ?
  3. They got the last sentance wrong though.

    Surely that should read:

    Recruits should direct their questions to the good people of RR who are always happy to take time out of their busy lives to answer the same bone questions day after day, no matter how many times they've been answered before.
  4. Id say Trig that no-one should get their hopes up full stop til they have it in writing that they have a date. :p
  5. It's a trick, Rumrat and JJ are manning the switchboard with Stirling as the supervisor.
  6. That should reduce the number of applicants quite drasticly. :p
  7. Wondered why I could hear a dodgy porn flick in the background and the sound of beer cans while some husky voice asked me what I was wearing
  8. Not that far from the truth that phone number is manned by civilians, who will give you the party line.

    If you really want to know where you stand then I would advise ringing your own CA who will be able to give you their best guesss as to when you might go into the RN.


  9. Surely if that is the case, People will be reporting to JJ's cellar for pre-basic, basic ;) :lol:

    Suppose so. Oh well, Almost one year waiting, only just over one more to go according to all the recent waiting times and what not :)
  10. Promotion!. brushteeth
  11. After your memoirs thread you seemed the ideal candidate..erudite and educational :D
  12. cheers guys this helped!

  13. Good to see they've brought back the blue badge wren telephonist branch back lol
  14. Mmmm.... SM: Sadly that CA's "Best Guess" would never be good enough for some of these young thrusters. :evil:

    Fact is they were never frapped down by anyone in their earlier lives: They want/need/must-have-it it NOW!

    If not, they will just keep asking around in circles until the pennies finally drop.

    This new mind-set revolves completely around "Me, Me, Me" and replaces those qualities of forebearance and patience either drummed into or just aquired by earlier generations.Editted to add; 'and Trig :wink: '

    Be honest, we've all seen it happen around us and v. difficult to counter.

  15. Bloody spot on.
  16. I know my wait is going to be a while and it'l be over when its over. I also know my CA is going to get me in when he can. I dont see the point in panicking and stampeding round the field with the rest of the frightened sheep. Happy to sit back, relax and make sure my shit is in order for when its time. Besides, poking fun at the worriers is amusing
  17. Scouse, panicking and stampeding round the field with the rest of the frightened sheep is great fun I can assure you. You should give it a go.

    Shit I must have been living in Wales for too long. :oops:
  18. BZ - But you, & the likes of trigger, are of a minority.

    BTW, Are you back in 'gainful employment' yet?

    If not, Tigger sometimes needs a hand with his paint jobs :wink:
  19. Baaaaaaa I look out my window and accross the estuary to wales and realise how fortunate I am :p

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