RN Website: "HMS Collingwood Says Goodbye To Commodore Mansergh "

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by soleil, Nov 19, 2013.

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  1. Nothing like when I left the mob then five years ago! Only person that said thanks was the civvy doctor who did my discharge medical,best get over it!

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  2. What a chopper! This tradition of waving off senior officers needs to die. I bet 99% of the sailors there couldn't give a ****.

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  3. I fondly recall waving off our CO who disappeared into the sunset on a Pongo Scimitar from Mount Pleasant Airfield, to much fan fair, speeches, ceremonial guard, an engraved plaque and what not. The bloke wasn't even leaving the mob, he was just going on draft.

    A few days later we waved off a 30 year, Falklands veteran Chief, who was retiring, with an utterly **** clock, a handshake from the lads in his department and a £9.99 bottle of Bells Whiskey.

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  4. I wonder if he had the grumpy civvy in the UPO chop up his ID card in front of him, given a veterans badge and shown the door.

    Have to say I was given a good send off with a, DTS, a top table scran, crystal whiskey decanter and glasses etc, wifey even got a big bunch of flowers (cheers Polto :thumbup:).
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  5. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I did my Release at Nelson but, having worked at various other 'off the radar' locations for the previous few years, I hardly knew any of the thrusters in Provost HQ, so I took over the Discipline Office for a cushy number (big mistake, as it turned out, so hardly any time to dedicate to my Resettlement Training...)

    Anyway shortly before I left an old and bold RPO, who had done 30+ years in the Branch, had his leaving do in the Mess; a good turn out but most were young members of the Branch who had no idea who this bloke was. When the Provost Marshal (Navy) did a lovely speech, he turned towards the Social Rep in order to present the leaving present... to find that "someone" had forgotten to buy anything for him with the donations raised! Much embarrassment by all, not least the leaver, who was expecting something memorable to celebrate his long and illustrious career in the RN.

    Suffice to say, when it was my time to go, I declined a Mess function and had a private off-site event with people I knew and wanted to be there. I went back to Nelson a few weeks' later to hand in my ID card and popped in to the WOMAA to collect my 2SL's commemoration of service certificate and leaving present - a faux gold seafarer's clock from Nauticalia in the Dockyard, engraved with my name. Which they spelled incorrectly. Oh well, "thanks for your service, don't let the door..." etc. :oops:
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  6. I got a model of a Historic Flight Swordfish, a hip flash and a signed squadron print from the lads. Also went out on the lash in Stamford and was awarded a hangover that would kill a civvy next day.

    Got cock all from the mess at Cottesmore even though part of your mess fees goes to your leaving gift! Prob as my boss was the mess pres and calling him a C*nt on a night out didn't help!

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  7. Subsunk

    Subsunk Badgeman Book Reviewer

    I got a framed print of submarines off Fort Blockhouse, but only because I was running the wardroom PLR at the time of my departure.

    Still, I was touched by my own generosity and I appreciated the gesture.
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  8. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    You weren't the one that re-carpeted your house using "off-cuts" from the Wardroom were you..? :twisted:
  9. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I'd bet that the phone box wasn't very crowded :walk:
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  10. I was presented with a marine dagger by the bootnecks at my last post as a submariner, Lympstone...

    The dagger and badly carved plinth was an obvious choice knowing how much I despise such crass paraphernalia. Still, the thought was there. I'm just not sure what they were thinking of. Bootneck 1..SM 0
  11. Ex CO of Culdrose left by driving a combine harvester down the runway whilst we had to line up to wave him off. It was fogged right in and we couldn't even see him anyway, just heard him chug on by. Safeguard.
  12. Subsunk

    Subsunk Badgeman Book Reviewer

    No, but respect to the man, who's Jack as f**k, as he's got dolphin-themed carpets in his own house. Blockhouse is so run down & decrepit these days that petty theft there is like mugging a WW1 vet for his medals. The beasting if you get caught isn't worth the profit.
  13. Subsunk

    Subsunk Badgeman Book Reviewer

    The leaving gizzit we had carved for our ex CO (SSBN) was not to his standards of gizzitry, so he threw it across the office and left a bit of paper for me to action with the details of whom he wanted to make his gizzit, how much it would cost, and what we would all put on the plaque (oddly enough, not our popular & voted-for choice, 'you lick the s**t from a dead rotting cow's rim, you mental, shouty, short-arsed c**t' but something far less reflective of the esteem we all held him in)

    Au naturelle, our nodding-dog of an XO authorised the cost from the Welfare Fund, on account of us all loving the bipolar psychopath so much. In fairness, we all loved the bit where he poked off to Northwood to partially fulfil his Dr. Strangelove fantasies. His relief in post, whom we were told was shouty, was a gent by comparison. After 3 patrol cycles of his predecessor, I reacted to a reaming to the new CO like my dog reacts to getting her ears scratched.

    Anyway, we had the shiny SSBN desk model made, with the suck-up quote added plus VAT. XO got his drive.

    If I had had moral courage, I'd have put an arrow pointing down on the front of the plinth, so that the visiting VIP would pick the whole thing up to read a message on the base: an arrow pointing to said ex-CO with a message reading 'Section & detain under mental health act ASAP'
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  14. I had a better send off going on draft from Boats than I did leaving from Drake, give us your ID here is a bit of white paper that will get you into Drake for a month, now sod off. I had been on projects in Bristol drafted back to Guzz just in time to be kicked out, obviously had my final good run on subbies down White Ladies road before leaving Bristol.
  15. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I got told "we've got no temporary ID cards. Just post yours back when you're done with it."

    Just the thoughts of a blonde ex wren
  16. I stepped out of me house to go for a few leaving drinkies at The Three Ferrets, and came home three days later. I still don't remember what happened.
  17. When Mrs AD left the mob a few years ago it was pretty similar. The admin processes are awful and should be a lot more gracious. Her ID card was also chopped up in front of her by a civvy. Couldn't really believe it. Don't think she got a present either, but that's RALEIGH for you!

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  18. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Computers, that's the problem. We are no longer gregarious beings when living on a base.

    The problem with matelots is that they are drafted/appointed as individuals for the most part, throughout their career. Royal or Percy, usually contribute to a mess fund for a large part of their career, to be "dined-out" with selected guests but again, they tend to know most personalities in the mess already. Whenever I go into a pussers WO & SR mess the only people I tend to know are those attending the same course as me, some bugger I recruited within the last ten years or some old duffer working behind the bar as a civvy, who I used to serve with many moons ago.

    As we're all aware, matelots can be dined out in the mess of their discharge establishment, most places have pre-arranged leaving dinners, but it's up to the individual to invite their guests from around the bazaars. When you consider we no longer have a "mess-centric" lifestyle in the mob when serving shoreside (most of us live out) and again remember that the "average" matelot only serves around six years, it's hardly surprising that most of us can't find many serving oppos in the same base area, to attend our leaving thrash.
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