RN Website: "First Female Search And Rescue Aircrewman"

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by soleil, Oct 18, 2013.

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  2. :happy6: Your line height and speed are good, and your perfume is ace Ma'am......easy easy steady
  3. Ma'am? She's a killick!
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  4. Will she still be in her job once the fleet is privatised
  5. Now comes the wait for the feminists to complain about the title 'Aircrewman'.

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  6. I doubt it, no-one's been bothered about the title Naval Airman for God knows how any years.
  7. Suppose. Wonder how that slipped under their radar?

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  8. Naval Air Man/Woman Gay/Lesbian /Transgender.Has a nice ring to it...:rofl:
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  9. Tsk, tsk.....
  10. Nor Seaman Specialist, which Army types swear blind is spelt Semen...
  11. Not strictly true.

    The branch has had female aircremen for at least 20 years and she is actually the second RN SAR female aircrewman. The first was a decade ago on 819 NAS. (LWACMN Bernie Pope.)
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  12. I was in the same syndicate as Bernie on LRLC (Royal Arthur) back in 90, I'm sure she was starting aircrew training shortly after that?

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  13. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    It is.

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  14. More than happy to stand corrected, perhaps some ne can pass the info back to RN News & Events
  15. Not many of us cewies and like me, ex crewies about so someone will remember somewhere!!!

    All media are poor at their background research.
  16. I would suspect that the media, as in most stories like this will have been passed a press release in this instance with the facts (correct or not) already in place. RN PR is pretty much run that way at all times. You write the story, they print it.
  17. I'd rather you hadn't mentioned nice rings in that sentence or have you experience?
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  18. Im sure they all have nice rings...:pottytrain1::rofl:
  19. she looks over 26.....?? thought that was the age cap?

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