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Company of Makers in Old Portsmouth need your help. They need 'dits' about life onboard the Royal Navy boats and ships listed below:
  • HMS Ambush
  • HMS Arrow
  • HMS Artful
  • HMS Bulldog
  • HMS Devonshire
  • HMS Repulse
  • HMS Seraph
  • HMS Thermopylae
They need short stories or memories from sailors who served on these, or from their families. Anything, from a couple of sentences to 100 words max.

It is part of the Heritage Lottery project Company of Makers have been running where Veterans repair and repaint the Royal Maritime Club’s old ships’ crests/badges at the Veterans Outreach Support drop-in sessions.

To complete the project, they need to create a booklet for the RMC library sharing ‘adventures at high sea’.

If you do have any 'dits' please send them to [email protected] by 17:00 Friday 22nd November 2019.


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Although I'm adrift relative to the deadline of 22 November, it may be of interest that the ship's badge for the battlecruiser REPULSE was different from the one shown twice above, as expanded on at https://www.forcez-survivors.org.uk/miscgallery2.html , with grateful thanks to the Force Z website.

On mature reflection, and despite the deadline, I may now be tempted to offer some REPULSE dits to the Company of Makers - although I suspect that they might not be quite what they had in mind!


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