RN Veteran of Second World War attacked in Chichester

And the story goes.

My client who has never done anything like this before[because he has never been caught]you must release he is fighting his heroin addiction and comes from a broken home I plead for mercy your honour.

Sentenced to twenty hours community work!

Oh for the joy of walking round the corner and finding one of these scumbags doing the deed I have a nice spot under the rhubarb just for them. There but for the grace of God is your father your mother or your sister or brother. Or yourself!
Chichester??!! But it's a genteel sort of place like Bath and Cheltenham. Crime in Chichester? Nooooooo!

Looks like I' won't be retiring there (opposite Chichester Theatre) after all...... and I do so like the Chichester Festival (no not the racing one :roll: )..... oh and the Bath and Cheltenham arts festivals too.... and Aldeburgh, Savonlinna........
I wish they could catch the "Person" who did this and leave him at the legion for a few hours, let's see how big n brave he/she is then.
Disclaimer: This is a personal opinion and is not the opinion of any Mod, CO or NZBootneck/Karma and should not be construde by any member of the press as the opinion of the RN.

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