RN Urban Myths..... or not?

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by SONAR-BENDER, Jan 30, 2010.

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  1. During a conversation the other day, I suddenly remembered that it was once said if, during shakes, the sleeper lamped the shaker, no charges would be brought.

    Now, if you knew that Billy No Mates (no, not that one, the one that was ALWAYS onboard) was doing the shakes, and you lay in wait for him, then that would have been a pre-meditated lamping.

    So, RN urban myth or not. Discuss, then introduce others, such as RN Cooks were actually Chefs! :oops:
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  2. What about the one where one junior rate per company / ship can have a small ponytail as long at is was tarred daily by the CSM / Jossman?
  4. Or that Blue Liners contained real tobacco.
  5. The cigarette of champions!
    You had to be a hard b'stard to smoke those through choice, and not because there was too much month left at the end of the money!

    But what about the Van Dyke?

  6. One per ship as I recall......?

    But nobody has confirmed or denied any as yet.

    Come on you Reggie types! :lol:
  7. The larger denomination notes of Monopoly money could be tendered to purchase sexual favours in remote corners of the globe.
  8. If you could squeeze one out on the Captains (COs) Table during your 'Interview without', you'd get off with a round of applause and a demand to "Clean your s#[email protected] up". Gen. Eyebrows.Etc. :wink:
    Why do Matelots and Bootnecks have this enduring faith in escaping the nemisis of Naval Justice by quoting some shonky Mess deck Lawyers proclomation?
    Rule one Day one. If there isn't a regulation against it 'Prejudicial to good conduct...' or similar catchall will do.
  9. The Chief Stoker on Swiftsure/Sceptre? back end of the 70s/80 bimbling through Drake to the dockyard at about 0830 was picked up; Van Dyke, red badge jacket, 8s shirt collar over jacket collar manky 8s trousers and unpolished zip up platform boots (His standard steaming kit) the Reggie was apperplectic "In all my xx years in this Navy I have never seen a scruffier individual etc etc" I think he cleaned his act up for a week or two :roll:
  10. I'd join back up if they brought back that rig!!!

  11. Off thread -

    When down south, got invited to a do at Stanley Airport, staying in the Flotels. Being smelly sundodgers, wore combined steaming/civvy kit to get there from San Carlos. Fancied seeing the Governor's House, so bimbled along there, on the way passing some Percy Office containing Red Caps. One Cpl came charging out and went totally mental when he saw the state of us (Shades of Stan The Man perhaps?). We told him we were off 'the submarine' he said which one, we said can't tell you, need to know! After a few minutes of this, his Sgt came out, heard the story and dismissed the Cpl and told us to 'wear our fuggin 'ats' next time we were in Stanley!! :D :D :D :D :D

    Back on thread.
  12. Back in my skimmer days there was a CERA who had a Van Dyke with a brill waxed !tache to go with it. There was a phot of him in the commissioning book.
  13. 'Kin superb dit :D :D
  14. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    The Chief GI at Mercury around 1965 had a Van Dyke and waxed tash, good guy on the beer, not much fun on the parade ground in front of the main house. Anyone else remember normally wheeling left as you left the parade ground if you'd got it right but but right if you'd got it wrong (if you follow my reasoning here).
  15. Er.....'scuse me Royal, but isn't that "Prejudicial to good order........"?

    Ok, ok, sorry I asked! :oops:
  16. :geek: Myth or truth? During my time [blue skys never locked doors] I heard many times that you could not claim to be an atheist :?:
  17. I think you could, but I cannot recall the daily rate.
  18. Actually, Swiftsure - boom boom! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  19. The old friend of a friend of a friend dit..

    Jolly Jack was walking through Northwood headquaters...and passed a few RAF officers and Jack being jack, cant tell what an RAF officer looks like...anyway..being picked by the RAF officer who said to him...
    "do you not salute RAF Officers in the Royal Navy.." to which jolly jack replied

    "No, we dont have them in the RN" and walked off..

    I wonder if this actually happened..?
  20. I seem to remember filling in many forms, (NOK forms maybe?), where a note next to the space to insert your religion stated that:
    The terms "Atheist" or "Agnostic" are NOT to be used

    Maybe that's where the idea comes from

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