RN Training Team in Iraq - end of an era?

Very soon, a point will come when the Andrew will have insufficient mass to carry out these basic hearts and minds tasks. We will implode. The CVs are well and good for covering our offensive National interests but will do bugger all for the bread and butter elements of Naval warfare.

When we demonstrate and teach, we make a long term difference. When we just demonstrate with nobody with the kit to teach, we are half way to being buggered: but, hey, what the hell do I know.


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Quiet POL - we all know the carriers are the 'bright future' that represent the promised land. How dare you suggest that our acquisition of a floating bath toy carrying a mighty 12 jets threatens the wider UK interests. That is heresey and the Daily Mail won't stand for it :)


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I'd not even be so certain we'll even float the bath toys anywhere other than Pompey or Rosyth. To be used they have to be manned....I suspect with the current downturn of the FAA, the next few years will see prospective recruits look to other careers and the corporate memory of Naval Aviation in every area, not just actually flying, will dwindle to such an extent that ensuring we can man and safely operate fixed wing or rotary operations will be an utter pipe dream.

The more I think about whats happened the more I sense that we have been utterly let down by the Naval Staff.

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