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Hi All,

I'm looking into going in to the navy as a training management officer. I've got around 2 years experience working with defence training and simulation development, with clients such as MOD, HMS Sultan and DCTS on my CV.

Unfortunately I left sixth form just after my AS levels to pursue my career.

I've noticed a degree is required to apply for this role. I'm 21 at the moment and just wondering if anyone could give me some advice on what would be the best course to study to enter as a TMO.
Or is there another way in as a TMO considering I’ve got experience with naval and defence based training.


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StixJimboRM said:
IIRC E(TM) requires an engineering/science based degree.
It does however (I'm not sure whether it's applicable to SUY candidates only) they may consider non-science/engineering degrees based on the needs of the service.

I know of a recently retired Captain who became a Schoolie officer and he only had a 3rd class maths degree. Top bloke though and an excellent schoolie officer with the patience of a saint!


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fimbletes said:
Or is there another way in as a TMO considering I’ve got experience with naval and defence based training.
From what I understand of it from my experience of the recruiting process, if the requirements for entry to the role are a degree/certain amount of UCAS points, then they are the requirements, regardless of experience. The rules are the same for everyone, no ifs, no buts. I'm sure NS or SM will be along shortly to correct me if i'm wrong!
I looked into this myself as I am a qualified teacher/lecturer and have a masters and a bachelors. Broadly speaking they take science/engineering graduates firstly and then look at individuals who have a non-science/engineering degree if they think it is right to do so. Without a degree they will not admit you into that branch.

Sorry, this is according to the AFCO and ALCO in my area.

This is the role you mean, isn't it?

Yeah that's the role. I was thinking of studying social science - education and training development. I wondered if that would be applicable to the role.