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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Wightsparker, Aug 3, 2016.

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  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-36960905

    "The Home Affairs Select Committee said that only three boats were available to patrol 7,000 miles of shoreline.

    Royal Navy vessels should be made available to plug any gaps, it said."

  2. Hmmmm, and where do these vessel(s) come from and who is going to put their hand down the back of the sofa to find the cash required?

    And that's before manpower, logistics and fuel allowances - not to mention the thorny problem of what is supposed to happen to anyone found/picked up?

    Supplemented by he same depleted Border Security Officers that dissappeared in the last few years?

    We do live in interesting times!
  3. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    It just shows how out of touch those supposedly in charge are.
  4. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    The bigger issue is that BF can't man their existing boats, so buying more is pointless. A further complication is that the RN does not have judicial powers to stop/detain/turn around migrants in the channel. Its a fairly complex legal position and the RN isn't placed to operate in it currently.

    We could carry LEDATS of BF personnel, that would work. IF there were sufficient RN vessels tasked.

    I'd love to know which RADAR systems the HO claim to use in the DM article, thats an area for immediate investigation. Mobile RADAR and EO/IR cameras at intelligence led choke points. It's not rocket science and better value than buying RHIBS.

  5. Janner's right. They seem to believe that there is a just about inexhaustible supply of ships, people and money. Plus the legal bit mentioned by Rasthaus and Wave Dodger.
  6. University Squadron boats?
  7. With Tarquin and Tamara welcoming them all in and giving them jobs at Byron Burger.... Think that one through again, please Sir!!
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  8. And the URNU boats are mostly getting a bit long in the tooth now.
  9. URNU boats are still seaworthy and they haven't exactly had an arduous career.
  10. And a bit of pitching and rolling on a bad channel night,would test the metal of the aforementioned Tarquin and Tamara...;)
  11. But that would mean work an not jollies
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  12. More to the point , why have you changed your avatar ?.
  13. Could just buy some cheap patrol craft from the Americans coast guard , they always selling shit.
  14. I'll have you know that Tarkwin and Tamawa are very good fwends of mine. They rank (OK, ignore the r and substitute w ) with the highest in Wome.
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  15. Twilight of My days Sterlin,;) Dont know. Just felt like a change.
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  16. Quite possibly. But they are now late 80's, which puts them towards the latter end of their use-by date. And have we heard anything at all about a replacement class for these craft?
  17. Odds on they'll be surveyed and concessed, they don't need to be modern if your using them as coastal patrol craft, although how long they'd last if they're continually used in rough weather would remain to be seen. The cutter that comes round Guzz is a lot bigger but there again we're talking Channel use if ever the URNU boats were used.

  18. It may well be that it's the Fishery Protection ships that get earmarked for helping out the Border Force.

    Of course, there's always the Sea Cadet Corps, Combined Cadet Force and the Sea Scouts to call on.

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