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Good morning,
i have a question i am about to join the Regular service how long do i have to serve for in regs before i can seek to transfer to RNR.

This is an important question cause my circumstances have changed and i still wanna join up but its to late to not join full time.




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Unless you've walked through the gates of BRNC already I doubt it is too late. Your return of service once you complete BRNC will be covered as part of your induction briefs there (and you should have known it for your SIFT interview) as it is branch specific.

People passing a regular AIB and choosing to go reservist instead does happen, just like people passing and choosing not to go to attend BRNC, people also leave during training. If you're not committed to getting through and being a regular you're going to struggle with the demands of the course.


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Apologies, I got distracted by the previous post.

The same general points apply, if you're qualified for Raleigh you should be qualified for the RNR. Once you pass out of Raleigh you have to complete your term of service which is branch specific.

Talk to your AFCO. It is even possible to do the full time 10 week Raleigh course as a reservist in some circumstances.


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No problems its easily done, i have wanted to join since i was a kid, just things have changed and don't want to commit to a full RN Carrier
there is a project that is looking at a seamless transfer from RN to RNR. Now becoming an elegant process for those with transferable skills.

Unsure for those who are untrained strength as there is probably a question over commitment and motivation.

Look on DII for the Recruiting Officer in your local RNR unit and they will be able to help.

Alternatively the AFCO should be able to put you in contact directly (or dreckly if you are joining HMS VIVID)


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