RN to mobilise reservists to do exercise for 5 months...

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by TF110, Oct 4, 2007.

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  1. Hmmm, just got email showing need for volunteers to do (Mod edit) for 5 months. The RN will mobilise reservists if the billets aren't filled.

    I don't know about you, but this is taking the piss. I joined to serve my country, to do training and deploy operationally. I didn't join to be worried I'd be mobilised to go on a jolly for 5 months because the RN is short manned.

    Sort it out RN!
  2. my boss has made it quite clear, unless its a war he's not prepared to let me go just to make up for the Navies lack of manpower. If I volunteer then I kiss goodye to my rights to have my job back. i know I won't get any support from the RN or the RNR so guess I won't be going.
  3. This is yet another subject not for public discussion or debate, moderators please remove thanks
  4. I have edited the title and location of the ex.

    I am loathed to delete what is clearly an important post, although that may change.
  5. Please, I think there are enough MODS thank you very much. Didn't see start of thread so don't know details, but would appear well moderated by Monkey Boy.

    This is an important issue for reservists, so please don't get over excited and bin it. Rumration is losing it's appeal because of over zealous moderation and indignation of a few individuals. It seems recently to have become a private club for a few members to dominate. Something like this that is worth talking about deserves to be aired within the usual OPSEC and PERSEC confines.

    I personally welcome any opportunity to involve myself in anything naval, be it operational or for an exercise. I agree, selling an exercise to my employer might be tough, but it's how you sell it. We all 'volunteer' to serve when we join the reserves, and to me that is all that matters, to go where I'm needed. I'm not a war monger and I am looking forward to my forthcoming mobilisation, but had that been an exercise, so be it!
  6. Complain if your not requested to take an active roll, complain if requested to take an active roll. It is very nice there (Mod edit - just keeping it clean ), I am sure many would jump at the chance to get involved.
  7. I know a number of people who mobilised into seagoing but non-operational roles. By that I mean roles away from normal (Iraq/Afghanistan/name your conflict) route that has been so widely used in the last few years.

    I am not entirely sure how this would differ, although as someone who had their career pretty screwed up by mobilisation, I can understand the sentiment orginally expressed.
  8. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Looking at some of the post and bearing in mind I'm not a reservist it does beg the question why are you in the RNR if you cant be arrsed to cover your brethren who are away on ops?

    It's all fun prancing around in the uniform and playing jack infront of the missus and your mates but.....shock.....horror....you have to do something to justify all that money and bounty you've pocketed over the years. Bet you dont have to give 18 months notice if your threaders with it all.
  9. I can and have been arsed to support my full time bretheren, and not just swanning around well out of danger on a STUFT ship, but frontline.

    My problem is that we are now being deployed, not in a time of war, but because we have a seriously overstretched armed forces.

    And no I don't have to give 18 months notice, but I do have to do a 40-50 hour a week job then a full weekend with the RNR, lose 2 weeks leave to attend annual training and risk losing my job everytime the RN decide its cocked up on its manpower deployment, so lets get the RNR in.

    I think the problem and gripes lie with the fact most of us accept that we are really needed in a time of war. Bosses are happy for people to go off and defend their countries wishes. They aren't happy when its just to go off to defend some ship in refit in Dubai.(lovely job if you get it)

    The same goes for family and friends.

    In the RN you have one job and managing that and family is hard enough, but to have two jobs (and the RNR is a job albeit part time) and do this is extremley difficult. Getting your family friends and Boss to accept that sometimes you need to be away from the job that pays the bills for up to 6 months every 3 years is getting ridiculous.

    This is why people are leaving in droves, irrespective of what MasterChief and Senior Officers want you to believe, that and the fact that communication is shit.

    The TA is the same, Brigadier Holmes was asked if he'd join again if he had his time again and he replied no. Says it all really.

    Hopefully the results of the Commodores Questionaire will be available soon and all will be put right again.
  10. How do you think us 'non puddle-pirates' practice for Operations? We go on exercise! And no, we don't volunteer for them either!
  11. "This is yet another subject not for public discussion or debate, moderators please remove thanks "

    MC - when said notification is emailed out on all ports distribution list on the internet it immediately loses classification. This is public discussion, so stop trying to close down "bad news" topics.

    I'm happy to play a key role, I actively volunteer for short deployments andtry to do as much as possible. I am more than happy to deploy operationally too. BUT there is a huge difference between that, and compulsory mobilisation of personnel to cover a 5 month deployment which is for training. The RN is using this as a band aid for its own manpower issues.

    Getting mobilised is a big deal for most reservists - you have to put your life on hold for 6 months, your job is threatened and your life changes. 99% of us will go for tours - but most of us didnt join for short notice jollys because the RN is a crap employer which can't get the right people in the right place - how many people will this Ex (mod edit - no exercise names please) cost us?
  12. Forgive the ignorance, but isn't there legislation regarding employers who discriminate against Reservists - and I include employers who sack Reservist employees? Just curious.
  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    This will be the same employer that pays some of your part-time wages, will it?

    The irony of all this is that the very existence of the RNR is in question, your comments would possiblty endorse those that raise that question for doing so.
  14. It's not as simple as the weight that may be placed behind the Reserve Forces Act 1996. It's unlikely you would be sacked if you were mobilised, although IIRC this has happened in the past.

    It's more concerned with the consequences of mobilisation in-so-much-as you leave your job for nine months all in. When you come back the political structure has altered and things may have developed in other ways in your field; legally, technologically etc. You are then out of the loop and will more than likely be side-stepped for promotion.

    The only way this could be fought as far as I see it, would be by constructive dimissal, and I would be suprised if you could find someone who would think that was an easy win. Have you ever tried taking an employer to court? It's neither cheap or swift and this needs to be kept in mind when you start proceedings.

    Whilst we are laid down for "times of stretch, crisis and need" etc, one would have to question whether the timinng or planning of an exercise should have been able to take that into account.

    Then again who are we to pick and chose what jobs we do, but what the crisis manning types, or whoever, need to bear in mind, is that we need to keep employers onside or it will become very difficult for reservists (of any arm) to gain employment and therefore exponentially harder to recruit the number and quality we require to maintain critical mass.

    I know many on here who would argue that we don't need them anyway, if that's the case why are so many being mobilised now and have been since before Iraq/Afg kicked off.

    Just a thought or two.
  15. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    "not just swanning around well out of danger on a STUFT ship, but frontline."

    quote itsamuppet.

    I'll have you know I've swanned around on all sort of boats, grey ones, white ones and camouflage ones. Taxis the lot of them.
  16. "This will be the same employer that pays some of your part-time wages, will it?"

    Yup, and I'd quite happily describe the RN as one of the worst employers I've ever encountered. Abysmal HR, no idea on pay and generally treats its staff poorly. If it was a business it would have gone bankrupt decades ago.
  17. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    If it was a business you would be sacked.

    All of which begs the obvious question with regard you wanting to be part of it....
  18. 15 out of 10 Wet.

    I could not have put it better...........If you are finding it all too difficult, then the answer is in your own hands. return your kit and stay in your protected world....Walk :thumright:
  19. edited - OOOPS. Replied to wrong post.
  20. Well take your hock... and or the money What do you want?

    Just the parties and the uniform :rambo: :rambo: :rambo:

    I despair :pukel:

    ITS NOT A PRIVATE COMPANY ITS THE MILITARY its not there to make money it's there to protect and defend. get a grip.

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