RN time-bomb found in Central Park, New York

As a former EOD operator ever mindful of checking the safety of ordnance and slapping an FFE (Free From Explosives) certificate on it before leaving the scene, this article tickled me:

A Broad in the Yard 12 Jan 2013 said:
An 18th century cannon from a British Royal Navy frigate was found loaded with a cannon ball and gun powder yesterday at the Central Park Conservancy in New York, sparking a 911 call alert.

New York City Police said that the removal of a plug in the cannon’s barrel during routine cleaning by staff at the Central Park Conservancy (a non-profit body that manages Central Park) exposed its melon-sized cannon ball and 1¾ pounds of gunpowder wrapped in wool. The cannon came from the Royal Navy ship, HMS Hussar, a 28-gun frigate which was part of the British fleet in North America during the Revolutionary War 1775–1783...
From personal experience, even ancient explosive can detonate unexpectedly if treated with insufficient care.


At the back of one of the buildings I visited was an area of waste ground used as a car park, getting out the car I see a hand grenade amongst the grass, I go into the building and get the manager, take him outside and show him the grenade, he moves his foot back to give it a poke, hold on says I, wait till I'm behind that wall before you kick it, he realises what he was about to do was potentialy terminal and retreats, bomb squad are called, area closed down etc, turns out the place was an old TA training camp and the grenade was one of their old toys, never found out if it was a live one or a dummy.


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If the cannon had gone off it would have been a salutary reminder of the US LOSING Mr Madison's War of 1812.
If the cannon had gone off it would have been a salutary reminder of the US LOSING Mr Madison's War of 1812.
If the cannon had gone off, we'd most likely have been added to the axis of evil, and invaded.(Or at least a drone strike):D


HMS HUSSAR was sunk in Hell Gate, NY, in 1781, becalmed and swept by the tide onto a nasty big rock. A few years ago some eejit tried to convince the world (and any potential investors out there) that she was carrying $3 billion dollars worth of British army payroll at the time, and that it was still down there just waiting to be recovered - utter nonsense, of course, but the Septic press liked the story. In fact, the wreck is nowadays believed to be under a police station, on land reclaimed from the sea.
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