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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by dunkers, Mar 11, 2009.

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  1. Anyone who has seen a matelot in CS95 in the last couple of years will have noticed that it now includes an RN tactical recognition flash, consisting of the "logo" style White Ensign.

    I have a problem with this.

    To me, the White Ensign is a symbol of the Crown and is thus to be treated with respect. In the last few years, however, someone, somewhere in the shiny new "Navy Command" has come up with the idea of turning it into a commercial brand. Making a stylistic version of the Ensign with the words "Royal Navy" beneath and selling it on all manner of products.

    Two snags here.
    1. It makes a commercial logo out of a Crown symbol. I find this unacceptable and I hope I don't need to explain why.
    2. It's now a required part of CS95. In addition to snag number 1, it looks cheap and has bright colours that are counter-productive to a camouflage uniform. Surely it's sufficient to wear a beret with an RN badge, wear "ROYAL NAVY" over the right breast pocket, and RN rank/rate insignia?

    So what I want to know is this. Am I just a throbber? Or do I have legitimate grounds to object to being asked to wear an emblem that is bordering on the treasonous?
  2. There are three Ensigns, Red White and Blue, these were the days when we had three Fleets, what`s so special about the White? Please think about that before you answer.

    In 1627 the English Fleet (as it was then) was divided into three squadrons, the Red, Blue and White, in that order or seniority, and each had an English ensign in the appropriate colour with St George's Cross in the top corner. By 1653 the order of seniority had been changed to Red, White and Blue and in 1702 a large red cross was placed on the White Ensign to differentiate it from the French ensign, which at the time was plain white. In 1707, following the political union of England and Scotland, the three ensigns came to bear the Union Flag in the top corner as they do this day. In 1801 the additional red diagonal of St Patrick's Cross was added to the Union Flag and the three ensigns then took their modern form.

    The answer you seek of course is that Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar was Admiral of the White.
  3. Yes you are a throbber!!! But you won't have to worry about wearing the badge you so much object to as it's already been binned, along with the Royal Navy flash for the right breast pocket.

    The replacement will be flashes for left and right shoulder with 'Royal Navy' on them similar to RM Commando flashes or RAF Regiment mudgards.
  4. When do the new flashes come in? Only just got the RN badges and flashes on my CS95 kit!!!
  5. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Dunks, thw whole point of that TRF was to spell out in the plainest possible way that the individual wearing it was a Matelot.

    Far too often in media segments there were shots of "soldiers" doing good deeds in the Uk or overseas who were actually RN. In this day and age when perception is everything and especially when it affects recruiting and funding it was decided to ensure the RN stood out, even in CS95, hence the TRF you dislike so much.

    The communicator is correct, it is now binned but even the new shoulder badges are being questioned....rank and beret badges may suffice?
  6. To be fair badges and berets always meant squaddies asking "what regiment you in?" Confused them even more about four years ago when I got some black on green dolphins made up for when we did the Commando Speed March up at Spean Bridge
  7. I'm not sure the British press today would be too anxious to differentiate between a 'soldier' and a 'sailor' even if it was staring them in the face. To the public, anyone wearing CS95 are just 'troops' in uniform.

    I doubt it will have (or had) much effect on recruiting or public awareness: anyone who was such a spotter as to notice the RN TRF probably didn't need to see it to gain awareness of the RN.
  8. good point, well made
  9. I'm afraid I'm entirely missing the point of your objection. I think it's fantastic that the White Ensign is being used in branding, as they're trying to create an image for the Royal Navy, in order to get more recognition on the public front. If more civilians start to associate the White Ensign as being the mark of the Royal Navy, it will increase awareness of the senior service.

    And besides it's not as if we're plastering it on Happy Meals, or cosmetic products, it's being used appropriately on uniforms/clothing/collective items etc all related to the RN.
  10. I'm with Dunkers here, not only does it look sh1t but it isn't necessary. There's a bit of a badge collection culture going on at the minute in all 3 forces and it does my head in, I spend a lot of time in CS95 due to my job and I point blank refuse to wear any of the RN sh1te we have been told to adorn our kit with, if someone needs to know hat service I'm in then A. I'm not doing my job properly and B They need to get out more.

    My war beard instead of war tache normally gives me away as jack anyway.
  11. Treasonous? I think not. Given that HMQ has to approve use of the Flag for various things, I would imagine that she has already stipulated where it can an can't be used in the same way that the Army Logo and RAF Bullseye can and can't be used.

    Instead of worrying about your rig in CS 95, worry about how you sell the RN when interviewed or in company with Civvies.
  12. Gwarrr!!!
  13. Suck me off you ginger tart.
  14. A bit out of time here: What's a CS95 ?? Is that the new version of No8s ?? please elucidate - thanks.
  15. Hope the 'dolphins' don't cause the same kind of confusion. Had an ex-Crab orifice come up to me in a pub awhile ago and asked - pointing to the kissing kippers' what squadron did I belong to ? One look at the curly moustache and demeanour told it all. He seemed a bit put off when I quietly informed him that the 'wings' were in fact 'fish' or mammals if you want to be aquatically correct !! Got a rather embarrassed look before he bimbled off to annoy someone else....
  16. [​IMG]

    What she's slipping out of, bra optional.
  17. Having read the rest of the comments on this subject, I think (forgive the slowness) I have my answer as to what CS95s are. Once made a visit to RAF Waddington for one of their airshows - which was excellent - and a young lad wearing said CS95 asked if I was a matelot, and I said no, but an ex-matelot. I got in for free. So if said young man is reading this you once again have my grateful thanks.....some spirits never die it seems.
  18. Montigny - Thanks mate, jesus, they never made them like that when I was a serving member......woweeeeeee Makes me want to weep when I think of what I'm missing nowadays hehehe
  19. She's army oppo, if it was one of ours you'd have been violently sick on your keyboard and I'd have been arrested for posting such hideous images on the internet.
  20. All the "important" people seem to wear the PJHQ TRF!

    My combats still have Royal Navy above right breast pocket but nothing else - the shoulder flashes would be too similar to Commando flashes and are not a good idea (IMHO). Why not have a desert / green version of the white ensign as the TRF?

    It's not just the public we have to worry about though - was in Germany a few weeks ago and none of the soldiers had a clue what my rank meant. I was in a good mood though - I didn't bother pulling them up on it, but I couldn't help but think that matelots would know an Army Officer's rank if s/he was walking around HMNB. The great Tri-Service world...

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