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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by pots359v, Sep 11, 2006.

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  1. Hi all,

    i have had a request from the possible future Mrs Pots359v, she wants one of those bluse hoody sweatshirts they used to sell at raleigh, jack blairs etc. does anybody know where you can get them.

    be a big help and get her off my back and in the good books
  2. Any skip at Nelson should have a few.LOL
    Try Navy News in the ads section i am sure they will be there.

    p.s. its a tad anchorfaced isnt it?
  3. You can get them in the NAAFI at Raleigh but they are very expensive - £23 ish!
  4. T, what do you want with a hoody at your age mate??? ;-)

    Raleigh would be the most obvious place to look OR eBay?
  5. Decent RN Logo type T-Shirts and Sweatshirts are surprisingly hard to come by. I'm surrounded by the Army and RAF and tried to get a few to exploit my identity but couldn't get a one. Checked NNews without success and ebay was bloody rubbish too.

    Anyone out there with any other suggestions besides taking up knitting?

  6. They do sell the navy blue one's at RALEIGH, with white admiralty crown on back, with "ROYAL NAVY".

    They do some good one's at BRNC too.
  7. Possibly see if you can phone either the BRNC shop (within the Museum there) or the Raleigh shop, see if by adding a postage charge they will send you one? (I got a Polo Navy Crown T-shirt at BRNC)

    I know its anchorfaced but you have got to love it.
  8. I got mine at BRNC :).
  9. Surely she should be baying for a Rum Ration one! The RR one, would of course come complete with the following accessories, as standard: a hood with built-in spray-visor and orange flashing light on top, a life-jacket just in-case she falls in the drink, ever, and a hip flask filled with Pussers Rum for emergencies. A silver bosun's pipe and three buttons on each sleeve to stop her wiping her nose on it when she's sniffy. A flashable torch and, the absolutely essential RN condom case complete with a variety of the said products, gel, etc. Last of all it would have the pocket sized version of the Naval Ratings Partners Handbook (BR 999) filled with details of how to maintain a sailor's morale whilst on leave, the various positions and basics such as how to cook, wash, iron and sew on all his badges and medal ribbons. 8)

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