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A cry for information from anyone from the submarine world!!

I'm working for a media team and we're trying to get the Submarine Service a little more well deserved publicity with regards to remembrance. To that end I'm trying to find out what memorials are held where throughout the country and throughout the year to the brave submariners and their boats who sank during WWI and WWII.

Whatever the event, whatever happened, any information that can help us peice together a timeline of events around the country (and not only on 11th of November) could be really helpful and go a long way to bring a little more credit to the Silent Service

Thanks all in advance, Chris
The biggy is held at the Submarine Memorial on the Embankment in London (where the old HMS President used to be). It's always held on the weekend before the 11th Nov ceremony at the Cenotaph.

it's always well attended by ex and serving submariners. The ceremony of "Out hip flasks" is always done as well. I've been to a few and they're a good crack TBH. FOSM (or whatever his latest tiltle is, COM(OPS) I believe) usually attends plus a few other ex-FOSM's).

The London Branch of the Submariners Association co-ordinate it all.
I believe that the London Branch of the SA is no longer.
Indeed, it is now co-ordinated by the Medway Towns branch of the SA. And RASM is the top serving member, although Admiral Lord Boyce always attends as he is the patron of the SA.

As wreckerl states, it takes place on the weekend before the main festival of remembrance. Google 'embankment parade' and you might come up with some info...
At BLYTH, you will find the anchor of HMS TIPTOE, where a Memorial Service is held each year, seven days before the National Remembrance Sunday.
Have got a memorial to the boats lost in WW2 from the multi national 9th S/m Hms Ambrose base and S/m 2 while at Dundee
ceremony usually held 8th May for the Russians and Arnistice day November followed by a service on the old ship Frigate Unicorn

Another one at Anstruther Fife for the K4 and K17 sunk during the ''battle of May Island '' manoevres happened end of January
but its remembered during July for the better weather -usually held on the Lifeboat day gala at Anstruther.

HMsm Vandal lost position now known off Lochranza in the Clyde --------remembered once a year wreath laying from a fleet tender memorial at Lochranza

K13 rememberance held in January at Faslane and Gareloch-head cemetary for wreath laying

Hope it helps

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