RN Still short of Engineers? Ahem!


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Being relativity new offshore I'm informed that this is a regular occurrence. Peaks and troughs happen as investors wet their pants. Most of the jobs going seem to be onshore in the office.

Offshore working at the coalface, letters before your name and what you think are good qualifications mean nothing. It's probably why I haven't yet met any officers from any of the 3 services yet.
Wits I think the requirement for a full 12 hour day and the fact that everyone gets the same steward prevents "some" for entering the industry.


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Well I did hear a rumor that the Frogs would be supplying manpower for our ships, however I did not think it would include RR:eek::eek::eek::eek:


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Good old Alfred when going fishing you can guarantee a bite from him (or PT);)

'Flash' is stereotypical of the Officer corp. To be fair most groups are. They become narrow and aggressive when criticized or poked fun at what they perceive their lessers.