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Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by Sierra_Hotel, Jul 27, 2007.

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  1. Hey all,

    Am definitely looking at a career in the Fleet Air Arm now, meaning i want to shoot for the Navy too. If anyone here is in the RNRMRA i would like to know what types of shooting there are availible. I shoot 7.62 target rifle in CCF, various types of .22 target rifle and gallery rifle (military and civilian), 5.56 L98 Cadet GP (have used SA80) and the occasional clay pigeon.

    If anyone could enlighten me more about Navy shooting I would love to know.
  2. How much is there in the way of shooting competitions though? The army seem to have alot from regiment right up to the interservice levels. Is this the same in the Navy?
  3. S H
    Punch In Bisley

    They March and Shoot There!!!!!!

  4. Shooting in the RN is an opportunity thing. Unlike the Army the RN has to serve on ships!!So dependant on your availability it will be a deciding factor for your shooting activities.

    The Bisley inter services matches with service arms and possibly the inter command competitions. Suggest you join the NRA and work towards owning your own firearms ---especially for Target Rifle .

    :nemo: :nemo:
  5. Shoot Wafu,s
  6. Have already been to Bisley many times, and hold a FAC. Point taken about living on a ship....
  7. S_H, have you looked at rnrmra.org?

    RNTRC: 2 Inter-Services competitions (July, during the Imperial), and fortnightly competitions from March to October.

    RNRMSRA: 2 Inter-Services competitions (Short Range April, Long Range September), 2 active clubs, 3 people shooting the NSRA Nationals this week.

    Service Weapons: 3 Area Associations (+ RM), Inter Area/Inter-Services/International competitions in June.

    Plus Target Pistol and Clay Target.

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