RN Ships Divers Course - How many dives?

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by strongarm, Nov 10, 2013.

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  1. Hi shipmates, I wonder if anyone can help me please?

    I'm doing some civvy diving and want to count my RN dives against a qualification I am working towards (the qualification requires a minimum of 100 dives).

    I looked in my RN diving log book and I see that all of the minutes done during the Ship Diver Course has been summarised (1080 minutes) and it does not say how many dives I did during the course.

    I did the course in 1980 at Vernon.

    Does anyone know how many dives were done on the course at that time?

    Thank you in advance guys :)
  2. About 40- 45 dives,
    Week one , nothing on Monday, then 2 per day plus an extra for night dive on Thursday, (9)
    week 2 lots of jackstays so probably 3 per day plus 2 night dives, (17)
    week 3 harbour week, 2 per day plus 2 night dives, (12)
    week 4 deep dives and tool training, depending on what the course was at the time, so maybe 8 dives this week week.

    Hope this helps
  3. Did my course in Guzz in 70, the above was about the same for me.
  4. Strongarm - if you are genuinely trying to use dives/minutes from 33 years ago to put against a course now, then I despair! Unless you have been diving regularly since then, in my very humble opinion, then start again. I'm guessing you want to do a PADI DM or ITC. If so just crack on and get some recretional diving in - minutes from Ship's Diver Course so long ago are useless. Where you are it could/should only take you a couple of months to crack in enough 'qualifying' dives of 20 minutes.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2013
  5. Cheers

    Thanks for the very useful information Spidiver and pie.thatcher.

    SonarBender, stop despairing and guessing, you are wasting (thieving maybe?) oxygen.

    I have no desire to be an instructor or similar. I want to do the self-sufficient course so that I can dive on my own agenda and not have to pair up with some young twat who wants to race around everywhere or get paired up with a gas guzzler.

    I have done about 40 dives in the last 4 months and now am about 80% comfortable and proficient again (I did stacks of BSAC diving in the 80's but have no records). I'm also intelligent enough to know how much time I need to get proficient again. My instructor is also vastly experienced and I am sure will tell me if he doesn't think I am up to speed, a decision I would accept without question. The course/qual requires you to have 100 dives and I do not want to do another 60 dives that I have to pay for and getting in and out of the water for 20 minute dips is tedious (I'm getting old).

    So S-B, in my humble opinion, I think you should take a chill-pill shipmate.

    Strongarm (all-round good egg and can't be arsed listing my qualifications)
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  6. Strongers, I am more chilled than a Polar bear in a fridge. I was genuinely trying to help you.

    As it was your first post it was impossible to get any knowledge of your background, and given your location, my response seemed good.

    As an experienced and current diver/instructor, I often come across people who want to 'grab thir flippers, strap on an oxygen bottle' and dive to oblivion. This is also obvious on many diving fora.

    Re diving solo - you know peaple will tell you you are doomed? (That's a joke!).

    I'm no oxygen thief, in fact my air consumption on a dive is excellent.
  7. Fixed. Couldn't resist.
  8. You are absolutely right! No offence taken at all.

    Only 1000 and 22 degrees already. Might go off for a quick plongee.............. (actually, here it is buceo!)
  9. I am working on the Al Basrah Oil Terminal. Your 22 degrees pales into insignificance.
  10. Damn.............. got me!

    Ah, but I can have my tea time G&T - LEGALLY!!! Ha 15:2 that!
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  11. Printer toner and lemonade is a close second.

  12. Isn't that black and gritty?
  13. Excellent news.

    My instructor is happy to accept the minutes in my log book along with the information posted here as proof of having sufficient dives!

    Cheers guys, thanks again for your help :blob2:
  14. Just seen your location. That's not diving!!!!
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  15. No, but close enough for non-governmental work.

    And if you google 'Pattaya', which is the town I base myself for courses and minutes, you might begin to understand why I go there :headbang:
  16. Viz is over rated!
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  17. I qualified as a ships diver in 1963. I finished my time in the Andrew in 1969. Some years later I decided to take up diving again, but realised that civilian diving did not recognise pusser qualifications. So I just enrolled on a PADDI course, and started diving again. I'm now 74 and I'm still at it, however I don't do deep or cold!
  18. I thought you were going to say you'd left your comb and mirror in the changing room the day you left and was wondering if it had been handed in.

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