RN Security - good as ever!!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by fishmiester, Sep 29, 2006.

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  1. Typical Scum article though isn't it.
    Of course jack was fcuking stupid to give the cabbie his ID card, and the gangway staff were even stupider to let him leave with it, but the headline is a bit much. The cabbie probably had a dockyard pass and it says that he went up the gangway, and alerted two sentries, that'll be the QM and BM then. The ID card saga is an issue, I'll agree, but I think they've made something out of nothing as he didn't get past the gangway staff.

    The SCUM, specialising in embellished, innaccurate and sensationalist journalism for the semi-illiterate unwashed masses since 1893.
  2. You would have thought that the cabbie being an ex-bootie he would have been a bit more understanding, handed the ID over to the gangway staff and go back the following day to get his money. Bit of a Toe Rag if you ask me.
  3. Well he was a bootie,maybe couldnt resist a shot at Jack!
  4. A shot at Jack is a shot at Royal.

    Did I actually say that??? I must be going soft in my old days.

    Think it was well overdue that some nosey type was given a good smacking for trying to get on board show that you canna just walk on board the boat free and easy.
  5. Ladies and Gents lets not forget we are talking Rosyth (and the scum), no longer a Royal dockyard but a commercial port I believe.
    Were they civvies on the gangway? and the ship in refit?
    No doubt only a very small part of the story has been reported (if you can call it that).

    I don’t know if you have looked through the rag recently, it is full off little adds saying something of the ilk of do you have a story/information and offering a monetary reward, says it all about the days we now live in.

    And of course remember `the sun supporting our boys` I don’t think.
  6. Agreed. As per usual the bastion of the gutter press has taken a cheap shot at the forces and appears to have reported the story from a single, tainted, angle.

    Letting him leave with the ID was insanity though and the QM / OOD should get a thumping for that particular stupidity.

    Why our guys continue to buy this rag amazes me? Surely it is a crime against journalism.

  7. Yes the ship is coming out of refit. :p
    No it was Matelots on the gangway :oops:
    No the Taxi driver did not enter the ship :p
    Yes security at Rosyth is s**te :x
    The more nitty gritty details I can not divulge. 8) Suffice to say that investigations have been commenced :oops:
  8. Come-on at that time of night if you want to get on board a Carrier you've only got to walk up the forward gangway and duck under the skinny bit of rope the COG/ACOG has tied across it to 'secure it' before buggering off down the mess for the rest of the night.
  9. Nice to see the Navy/ex Navy will still stick up for their own. Even if the nugget that they are supporting is real moron. Lets face it man, how many of you blokes would EVER hand your card over to a Reggie, let alone a taxi driver? It takes a real style of stupidity to compromise a dockyard. Especially in these days of terrorist upheaval. The ****** should have been ragged, bagged, shagged and ditched in a cesspit.

    Oh yeah, and then given 14 days. :evil:
  10. Slightly off track but it still amazes me that Banks and Building societies will still ask Matlots for copies of their ID cards when opening new accounts too.

    Had to open one with Barclays a while back and they asked; I refused. They weren't too pleased because "we always take copies for service personnel".


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