RN Sea Service for MCA NOE - OOW


Hi there,

I'm currently working offshore and looking to obtain my Notice of Eligibility from the MCA so I can enrol onto a Nautical Science HND and qualify as an OOW.

I need 1080 sea days to qualify, and I'm currently around 900 in my Seamans Discharge Book as a Merchant AB, as well as 91 days spent offshore (1 day offshore counts as 0.5 days in the MCA's eyes...).

So, I'm looking to put my RN sea time (about 800 days) towards it, thus qualifying me. I've been in touch with the MCA and they're asking for a letter from the RN confirming Vessels, Pennant Numbers, Dates Joined/Left, Rank and Sea Area. Also, they want it confirming that my job at the time was on deck - Muppetry (When we used to minesweep) - The breeding grounds of proper seaman.

They've seen all my docs, but they're insisting that they require a letter. Is anyone aware of where I might obtain such?



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I had the same question when I revalidated my MEOOW's ticket before leaving the RN. In the end, I just drafted a letter with a table in it listing all my sea service and vessels etc, and added in a covering letter signed by one of the grown-ups on my ship - 'I certify that the accompanying testimonial is gen etc' and they were happy with that.

One of the MGNs has a template letter as well.

Offshore service counts at half rate, you say? Good news as I'm blagging sea service towards an NoE as well.

Hope this helps.